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Below is a list of who are current leadership is during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Core Officers

Zach Slaton
Oankar Patil
Keene Brogan
Calix Tang
Shop Manager 
Keertik Bacon
Promotions Chair 
Sunidhi Dhawan
Outreach Chair 
Maya Pillarisetti

Appointed Positions

IT Coordinator 
Jackson Isenberg
Sponsorship Chair 
Navaneet Kadaba
Mechanical Training Lead 
Ishan Doma
Software Training Lead 
Justin Johnson
Electrical Training Lead 
Alex Peng
Firmware Training Lead 
Andrew Roach
Electrical Core Chair 
Jackie MacHale
Mechanical Core Chair 
Sam Walters
Software Core Chair 
Anshul Mittal
Volunteer Coordinator 
Ishan Doma
Kickoff Coordinator 
Shishir Pandit-Rao, Abhiram Ghanta, and Yashas Ambati
SCC Relations Lead 
Web App Product Owner 
Saihari Kota

Team Leadership

  • Project Manager: Brian Naing
  • 3lb Czar: Bryce Parsons

Bot Leads:

  • Tsunami: George "Knute" Broady
  • Chonkiii: Sydney Baker
  • Anxieti: Lucas McCarty
  • Hockii: Steven Zhao
  • Project Manager: Priyanka Rajan
  • Mechanical Lead: Matthew Fernandez
  • Electrical Lead: Andrew Roach
  • Software Lead: Aidan Stickan
  • Science Lead: Elijah Vazquez
  • Project Manager: Kevin Fu
  • Chief Scientist: Alex Sohrab
  • Electrical Lead: Mili Das
  • Mechatronics Lead: Ishan Doma
  • Software Lead: Prabhanjan Nayak
  • Project Manager: Megan Huang
  • Electrical Lead: Jackie Mac Hale
  • Mechanical Lead: Rohan Punamiya
  • Software Lead: Isaac Dale
  • Project Manager: Jason Katz
  • Mechanical Lead: James Mead
  • Electrical Lead: Alex Peng
  • Software Lead: Andrew Cua