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The RoboJackets IT Coordinator is the leader of a committee that consists of previous IT Coordinators as they are willing to help. The role is to ensure that all non-robot technology is in good working order. This article outlines the current and legacy systems that RoboJackets IT must maintain. it is intended to be an overview of tasks, rather than an instructional guide or documentation of systems.

The IT Coordinator is responsible for submitting a proposal and budget document every fall, just like project managers. This document will outline the key goals of RJ IT for the year and outline any costs.

Relation to other Tech Support Organizations

Officially, RoboJackets is officially supported by Mechanical Engineering Information Technology. However, they do not provide us with computers or build custom OS images. Historically, they have been too busy to adequately support SCC teams. As a result RoboJackets develops its own OS images and maintains its own internal network. ME IT will be able to answer questions about how to configure devices to plug into the network ports in the shop. See the documentation for details.

Historically, RoboJackets has had members who work for ResNet/Wreck Techs, which enjoys a close relation to ITG (IT for Campus Services). ITG has been very friendly towards RoboJackets in the past if you go through a ResNet staff member.

OIT Backbone maintains the wired network drops in the shop. Call OIT Technology Support Center for issues during business hours and OIT Operations for issues after hours.

OIT wireless supports GTwifi and Cisco access points within the shop. Open help requests directly with OIT for wireless issues. Nathan Wilder is specifically very helpful.

Shop Computers

The IT coordinator will keep office computers up to date by patching the operating system and updating programs. During hardware upgrades or installs, the IT coordinator will build an operating system image and image computers. As departments move to MDT and SCCM, RoboJackets will join either ME IT's or ITG's implementation.

Computers that exist for a dedicated purpose, such as the RoboCup field computer are to be maintained in partnership by the IT coordinator and a designee of the user (RoboCup Software in this example).

Since shop computers run both Windows and Linux, it is expected that the IT coordinator is comfortable working on both platforms.

When new hardware is to be purchased, the IT coordinator has the final say on the specifications of the hardware to be procured.

Shop Network

The IT coordinator will ensure that all computers in the shop have access to the internet at all times.

In the event of internet outages caused by Georgia Tech OIT, the IT coordinator will call OIT Operations and report the issue. OIT operations will expect the IT coordinator to make a judgement call on the urgency of the matter. While our meetings are important, we do not want to have someone on call drive 30+ minutes each way to fix the internet. In most cases, a workaround can be developed and the issue can wait until the next business day. Access to GT tools like Book of Knowledge is useful for this; however access can only be obtained via an on campus job in IT. Wireless outages should be reported via email to OIT. Please include in your report the name of the down AP by reading the label on the device and the status of the LED (e.g. Flashing Red, Green, Off). The light will be either solid blue or green during normal operation.

The IT coordinator will configure any routers, access points, and switches needed to keep the internal RoboJackets network running. Operation of RJwifi falls under this duty. When hardware ages or fails, a recommendation of replacement hardware will be made to core officers. Solid understanding of basic networking principles is required to adequately perform this aspect of the position.

The IT coordinator will maintain and repair network cables and ports throughout the shop as required. Certain tools may need to be borrowed from on campus tech support organizations like ResNet, ITG, ME IT, or OIT. We do not use consumables from these departments.


Servers are racked at the CoC in the Orgs Rack. Buzzcard access to the rack can be added for anyone who completes Machine Room Training.

At a minimum, the IT coordinator will ensure that the servers are running properly and are backed up.

The IT Coordinator may propose ideas for changing services at RoboJackets Core Meetings.