Motorama 2022

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Motorama 2022 Group Pic

Competition Summary

NERC Robot Conflict at Motorama comprises of a Double-Loss Bracket Style tournament (A bot must lose two fights to be eliminated). Motorama hosts a variety of weight classes, including three, twelve, and thirty pound robots, which competed at Motorama this year for RoboJackets.


3LB Bot Results:

  • Singulariti: 17th Place
  • Papajonni: 25th Place
  • Blasphemi: 33rd Place
  • Velociti: 33rd Place
  • Rickandmorti: 33rd Place
  • Insanti: 33rd Place

12LB Bot Results

  • Hocki: 10th Place
  • Bucki: 13th Place

30LB Bot Results

  • Chonkiii: 7th Place

Motorama Robot Conflict 2022 Day 1:

Motorama Robot Conflict 2022 Day 2:

BattleBots taken by the RoboJackets




Things learned

  • Needed more spares for parts connected to the weapon (rollers, shaft collars)
  • timing belts for beetles + 3d printed pulleys are viable and might be good backups
  • 3lb weight class has alot of overpowered wedge kitbots that have wrecked us in the past
  • 3d printed enclosures for electronics solve lots of match ending conditions
  • Grease is for bearings, pack it.
  • Pit passes should be shipped to a member who lives off campus
  • magnetic parts trays are important
  • More people should know how to use LiPo charger
  • Motorama doesn't have clean water or healthy food so bring a case of water, ect
  • Titanium is a great material