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The Kickoff coordinator will work with the President, Treasurer, Georgia FIRST, and relevant on-campus departments to plan Kickoff.

Main duties as Kickoff Coordinator:

  • Coordinates everything between RoboJackets and GeorgiaFIRST
  • Keeps GA FIRST's Kickoff Coordinator (Valerie Strain) and Executive Director (Connie Haynes) updated
  • Makes sure RoboJackets is getting everything done
    • Communicates and delegates among the team

Important Dates and Deadlines:


  • Discuss venues
    • Kickoff usually in Ferst Center
    • Workshops typically in Klaus (contact CoC to reserve) or Instructional Center
    • Overflow in CULC or Student Center
      • this will depend on any other kickoff locations in Georgia
    • Volunteer kickoff has been discussed in the past
  • Meet outside of Core to begin planning
    • include officers, PMs, and Outreach members


  • Everything should be just about booked at this point unless there are any issues that arise
  • Kickoff Coordinator signs an NDA for FIRST in August
  • Start planning workshops/confirming workshop instructors:
    • Quick Build workshops require instructors (who will come from RoboJackets) to register on VIMS and sign an NDA
  • Any volunteer from RoboJacket needs to be registered on VIMS
  • Update RoboJackets site with updated information (do so ASAP)
  • Confirm speakers for kickoff (typically most of the same people every year)
  • Book Buzz & the Wreck in October (if possible)
  • Sponsor Banners must be completed before the end of winter break
  • Materials for workshops also need to be completed before winter break

Kickoff Workshops:

  • Strategy
  • Robot Quick Build (Mechanical)
  • Robot Quick Build (Electrical)
  • LabVIEW
  • Safety
  • Bumpers
  • Rookies