December In House Competition 2023

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December 9th Pic

Competition Summary

The December RoboJackets in House Competition was a small tournament hosted at the SCC. 12 bots competed during the competition.

The competition was a standard double elimination bracket.


Full Bracket: Challonge

Full Tournament: All Matches

Waluigi placed 1st

Anomali placed 2nd

Barbii placed 3rd




IMG 7384.JPG IMG 7385.JPG IMG 7329.JPG

Anomalii.jpeg IMG 7086.JPG IMG 7083.JPG

IMG 7357.JPG IMG 7173.JPG IMG 7280.JPG

IMG 7233.JPG IMG 7224.JPG IMG 7269.JPG

IMG 7313.JPG IMG 7295.JPG IMG 7314.JPG

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