State of Franklin Robot Rumble 2023

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State of Franklin 2023 Group Pic

Competition Summary

This was a small, relatively nearby 3lb competition and our first time doing a separate 3lb competition. This allowed us to easily bring more 3lb members than usual while still maintaining affordability.

The competition was a standard double elimination bracket.


3LB Bot Results

  • Anomali: Tied for 5th
  • Feloni: Tied for 5th
  • Nasti: Tied for 7th
  • Waluigi: Tied for 9th
  • Bus-i: Tied for 9th
  • Scampi: Tied for 13th

Full Bracket:

Full Stream:

BattleBots taken by the RoboJackets



Anomali 2023.jpg Feloni 2023.jpg