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Year Of Creation 2022-2023
Wins/Losses 1/1
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Drum Spinner / Beater Bar
Combined Wins/Losses 1/1

A joke robot made by a few of the 2022-2023 3lb mentors. There hadn't been a drum spinner in the 3lb program for the past 2 years and we thought it would be really funny to have a literal bus as a weapon so here we are. Not counting the CNC work for the bus the rest of the robot was completed within 3-4 days (albeit spread out across several months).

Bus-i.5 also went by Barbii or Bar-Bus-i, the spiritual successor to Barbi, when competing at Robot Battles due to the lack of a Bus and the inclusion of former Barbi members.


State of Franklin Robot Rumble 2023

  • Results: 1 - 1
    • Bracket Style: Double Elimination
      • [Forfeit Win vs Iron Clad]
        • We take those
      • [Forfeit Loss vs Feloni]
        • Turns out the robot was never really functional



Created by: Jacques Wang, Evan Strakes, and Todd Hayes

Drive Motors 1806 brushless motors mounted to the worst spur gearboxes you've ever seen
Drive Motor Controllers 20a Opto Brushless ESC
Weapon Motor Flash Hobby d2826 2200kv
Weapon Motor Controllers Turnigy multistar 41a ESC
Receiver 2A mini Reciever for Flysky Controller 4Ch
Remote Control Flysky FS-i6x 6-10Ch 2.4GHz RC transmitter
Battery Turnigy 4s 850mah
Wheels FingerTech Wheels (latex coated)

Design Summary

Busi is a box shaped drum spinner where the chassis is made of strips of HDPE fastened together using interior nut strips.


  • Weapon
    • It didn't work because of a single broken motor phase so we didn't know the motor was broken until we actually tested it under load
  • Chassis
    • Don't tap HDPE, who knew?
  • Drive
    • Pinions fell off because they weren't soldered very well

Good aspects

  • Weapon
    • Bus
  • Chassis
    • It was pretty durable tho


Maybe like use functional parts


  • (whatever images and videos you have)