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Year Of Creation 2022-2023
Wins/Losses 1/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Vertical Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 1/2

Waluigi is a 3lb robot with a 2 wheel drive and a vertical beater bar spinner.


State of Franklin Robot Rumble 2023

  • Results: 1-2
    • Bracket Style: Double Elimination
      • Win vs. Feloni
        • Feloni is the other RoboJackets 3lb beater bar from this year
        • Our weapon never spun up, as we turned the transmitter on with the stick halfway up
        • Driving was difficult, as it seemed to constantly lag and cut out
        • Feloni landed several big hits, but they ended up knocking themselves out
      • Loss vs. Alpha Raptor II
        • Alpha Raptor II is a lifter, which finished 4th overall
        • Its armor was mostly titanium, so we weren't able to do much damage
        • One side of our drive eventually failed and we were counted out
      • Loss vs. Cherno Alpha
        • Cherno Alpha is a FingerTech beater bar kit bot, which finished 7th overall
        • They box rushed us and took out one of our wheels soon after


Waluigi V1.0

Created by: Alexander King, Diego Ribe, Joshua Lee, Luke Shaw, William Van Slyke

Drive Motors BotKits 22mm DC Gearmotor
Drive Motor Controllers Scorpion ESC
Weapon Motor BadAss 2814-1120Kv Brushless Motor
Weapon Motor Controllers Onyx 50A 2-4S Programmable Brushless Air ESC
Receiver Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Remote Control Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx and Rx V2
Battery MaxAmps 3s 1050mah

Max Weapon RPM 11800 rpm (theoretical)
Min Spin Up Time 0.34 s (theoretical)
Drive Speed Roughly 8 ft/s


  • Weapon
    • The ball bearings used in the weapon exploded from a weapon-on-weapon impact in our first fight
    • The bolts attaching the weapon motor backed out (we should have used Loctite on them)
    • The weapon was a bit weak, as we had to shave a lot of weight from it the night before the competition
  • Chassis
    • The chassis design was very heavy, which meant that we didn't have enough weight for wheel guards or other improvements
    • The titanium wedge had too much ground clearance, so we weren't able to get under opponents
    • The bolt on the inner part of the wedge got sheared off during our first match
  • Drive
    • Exposed wheels were a liability, as they could be easily attacked by opponents
  • Electronics
    • We had issues with the drive cutting out throughout the competition, which was caused by either a faulty drive ESC or the receiver
    • The power switch was hard to access and we ended up stripping the bolt

Good aspects

  • Weapon
    • Aside from the first match, the weapon was very robust and didn't stop spinning
    • We replaced the bearings with HDPE spacers mid-competition, which was janky but held up surprisingly well
  • Chassis
    • The chassis held up really well, as the only structural damage was the 1/8" aluminum back plate being slightly bent in
    • The wedge did a good job at deflecting hits and didn't take much damage
  • Drive
    • We coated the wheels with latex, which gave us pretty good traction
    • We were able to drive well while inverted and flip ourselves back over by running into a wall
  • Electronics
    • We left plenty of space for electronics, which made it easy to fit all of them in the robot


  • Weapon
    • A lighter weapon motor would be helpful, as we initially planned to use one but weren't able to get it due to supply issues
    • Using 3D printed timing pulleys would also reduce weight
    • With that extra weight, we would probably increase the weight and size of the weapon
  • Chassis
    • Make the chassis out of a mix of aluminum and TPU (similar to Anomali), which would significantly reduce weight
    • Add forks to get underneath other bots
  • Drive
    • Have the wheels set inside of the chassis, so they would be more protected


Waluigi post-competition:

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