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Insaniti Image
Year Of Creation 2021-2022
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2021-2022
Wins/Losses 0/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class Beetleweight
Weapon Class Vertical Disk
Combined Wins/Losses 0/2
Weapon Speed Estimated 7000 RPM

Insaniti is a beetleweight robot designed, machined, and assembled during the 2021-22 schoolyear. It competed in the 2022 Motorama Robot Combat event. Insaniti is a two-wheeled box-shaped robot armed with a large vertically spinning disk weighing approximately 2.8 pounds. This guide will evaluate design considerations and their consequences.


Motorama 2022

  • Results: 0-2
    • Bracket Style: Double Elimination
      • Loss vs Mombot
      • Loss vs Carrotz
        • Electronics issues due to faulty switch. Eliminated due to lack of movement after entering the Battle Box.
    • Grudge Matches


Insaniti V1.0

Created by:

Drive Motors
Drive Motor Controllers
Weapon Motor Power 10 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 1100Kv
Weapon Motor Controllers
Remote Control

Design Summary

  • Weapon
    • Vertical Spinner
  • Chasis
    • Long prismatic chassis with slots for weight savings.
    • The side plates were 3/16” thick Aluminum plates while the front, internal, back, and base plates were ⅛” thick Aluminum plates.
    • The top plate was ⅛” thick HDPE.
    • Lots of slot-shaped weight savings were implemented.
    • The robot features an invertibility stand extended upward from both left and right internal plates.
    • All plates are attached with 4-40 screws.
    • Extended material from side plates to prevent the front plate from being dragged along the floor.
  • Drive
    • Two-wheel drive
    • Default 3-lb drive motor electronics and assembly
    • 3” diameter wheels


  • The chassis is simplistic and does not contain complex geometry, resulting in an easier manufacturing/machining process.
  • The extensions from the internal side plates permit the robot to be mobile when flipped.
  • The HDPE top plate and ⅛” thick Aluminum base plate provided adequate protection, inflicting little-to-no damage despite being hit by Chonkii and Mauri.


  • There was a possibility of being flipped into a diagonal where the wheels could not move
  • Did not have clearance for inverted mode
  • Switch was stripped due to being in an awkward position and supported by only wires
  • Belt would easily slip off due to no tension
    • Weapon motor did not adjustable positioning
    • The groove on the pulley was not deep enough
  • Vertical weight savings being aligned with puzzle fit tap holes meant the armor was weak at those tap holes
  • Not very maneuverable
    • Too friction by the aluminum stand
    • Not enough traction from the foam wheel
    • Not enough drive motor power
    • Back wheel drive meant imprecise forward movement(more testing)
    • Center of gravity not being on wheel

Changes to Make