Current Leadership

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Below is a list of who are current leadership is during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Core Officers

Shishir Pandit-Rao
Tan Gemicioglu
Cade Tyler
Sana Hafeez
Shop Manager 
Christopher Bellflowers
Promotions Chair 
Shail Patel
Outreach Chair 
Malak Bayyari

Appointed Positions

IT Coordinator 
Jackson Isenberg
Sponsorship Chair 
Bennett Bush
Mechanical Training Lead 
Keertik Bacon
Software Training Lead 
Navaneet Kadaba
Electrical Training Lead 
Andrew Rocco
Firmware Training Lead 
Maanas Purushothapu
Electrical Core Chair 
Jaden Grossberg
Mechanical Core Chair 
Daniel Johnson
Software Core Chair 
Hussain Gynal
Volunteer Coordinator 
Nicholas Vellenga
Kickoff Coordinator 
Tan Tonge
SCC Relations Lead 
Knute Broady
Web App Product Owner 
Evan Strat
Stefan Quaadgras

Team Leadership

Project Manager 1: Todd Hayes
Project Manager 2: Sam Li
3lb Manager: Zach Slaton
Anarchi Bot Lead: Dylan Adriano
Binari Bot Lead: Knute Broady
Bucki Bot Lead: Daniel Johnson
Chonkii Bot Lead: Mihir Nagaraj
Hocki Bot Lead: Valentin Richter
Project Manager: Charles Li
Mechanical Lead: Nicholas Vellenga
Electrical Lead: Indraja Chatterjee
Software Lead: Vivek Mhatre
Project Manager: Alyssa Gordon
Chief Scientist: Arvind Srinivasan
Mechatronics Lead: Dan Lam
Electrical Lead: Bernardo Perez
Software Lead: Kevin Fu
Project Manager: Sam Walters
Mechanical Lead: Niam Morar
Electrical Lead: Oankar Patil
Software Lead: Nico Bartholomai
Project Manager: Caleb Chang
Mechanical Lead: Jason Katz
Electrical Lead: Jadon Grossberg
Software Lead: Jacob Nickles