Current Leadership

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Below is a list of who are current leadership is during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Core Officers

Alex Field
Ava Thrasher
Christopher Bellflowers
Malak Bayyari
Shop Manager 
Vijay Srivastava
Promotions Chair 
Cameron Loyd

Appointed Positions

IT Coordinator 
Todd Hayes
Sponsorship Chair 
Brian Epstein
Mechanical Training Lead 
Sam Walters
Software Training Lead 
Dylan Siegler
Electrical Training Lead 
Asha Bhandarkar
Firmware Training Lead 
Arvind Srinivasan
Electrical Core Chair 
Arvind Srinivasan
Mechanical Core Chair 
Sam Morstein
Software Core Chair 
Oswin So
Outreach Chair 
Michael Chen
Volunteer Coordinator 
Malak Bayyari
Kickoff Coordinator 
Evan Strat
SCCGB Delegate 
Knute Broady
Web App Product Owner 
Josh Oldenburg
Stefan Quaadgras

Team Leadership

Project Manager: Cody Page
3lb Manager: Cade Tyler
Chonki Bot Lead: Brian Epstein
Hocki Bot Lead: Varun Madabushi
Maori Bot Lead: Dennis Crawford
Valkryi Bot Lead: Sam Li
Samurai Bot Lead: Dylan Adriano
Project Manager: Tan Gemicioglu
Mechanical Lead: Charles Li
Electrical Lead:
Software Lead: Matthew Hannay
Project Manager: Marine Maisonneuve
Chief Scientist: Christopher Lindbeck
Mechatronics Lead: Alyssa Gordon
Electrical Lead: Arthur Siqueira
Software Lead: Hussain Gynai
Project Manager: Shishir Pandit-Rao
Mechanical Lead: Sam Morstein
Electrical Lead: Andrew Rocco
Software Lead: Daniel Martin
Project Manager: Caleb Chang
Mechanical Lead: Phillip Holloway
Electrical Lead: Juan Elizondo
Software Lead: Logan Schick