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This page houses the 2008 RoboCup Mechanical efforts. The 2007 efforts can be found here. All development work will be done in Autodesk Inventor 2008. How to use Inventor and get it can be found on the Inventor How to Guide. Inventor is also available on our CAD Machines in Tin.

Mechanical team meets Tuesday 6-9pm with the general meeting at 7pm and 2-6pm on Sundays. More hours will be announced as deadlines approach.

A developement rendering of a 2008 RoboCup robot


System Components and Bill of Materials


Omni Wheels
Drive Module



Ball Control

Ball Sensor


Test Rig
Impact Test


  • delivery of completed team of Robots 5/21/08


  • maximum robot weight - 1.8 kg
  • ball speed after being kicked - 10 m/s
  • dribbler bar speed - 8000 rpm
  • compress time (time for dribbler to absorb ball's energy and compress) - .2 seconds
  • no more than 20% of the ball's area (seen from top view) may be occupied by the robot - a critical Robocup SSL Rule
    • see Ball sketch




RoboCup Testing

Quick Notes

  • field area 5 meters x 3.5 meters
  • max ball speed - 10 m/s
  • ball diameter - 43 mm
  • ball mass - 46 grams
  • 1 rpm = .105 rad/s
  • ball material - DuPont Surlyn Ionomer Dupont's Surlyn Page
  • coefficient of static friction of golf ball on felt carpet - .66
    • last two points from Cornell 2003 Mechanical Documentation

Prototype Notes

  • make drive module shaft out of stronger material to prevent bending
  • ground clearance needs to be increased to prevent the robot from rubbing on the carpet
  • 4mm holes on the dribbler assembly need to changed to .177" - clearance hole for a 8-32 screw - ease of assembly, prevent burring of the dribbler shafts
  • binding of the drive modules can be reduced by adjusting the position of the motor, using the tolerance of its mounting screws
  • design plastic guide block so hole for chipper hinge is centered
  • dribbler motor plate needs to be wider and flush to the motor
  • M2x4mm screws need to be ordered for the dribbler motor
  • consider increasing diameter of dribbler roller to add strength to the piece

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