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This page contains the information and documentation of the 2008 kicker system

Assembly Structure

Solenoid Mount RC-2008-05-01 1
Kicker Solenoid Tube RC-2008-05-02 1
Kicker Solenoid Plunger RC-2008-05-03 1
3/4 Hex Nut RC-2008-05-04 1
Boot RC-2008-05-05 1
6-32 x 1/4" Screw RC-2008-05-06 2

Parts & Components


Vendor: Solenoid City
Part No.: SOTUH032051
Description: S-20-125-H push solenoid, 1.25" in diameter, 2" long, 120V at 10% duty cycle
Cost: $48.88 each

  • Electrical specification
    • capable of 300V pulse

Return Springs

  • 4 different return springs for this solenoid, all 4 were purchased and one will be evaluated.
  • each are helical and when compressed take up very little space.

Hex Nut

  • 5/32" thick, 7/8" between flats hexagonal nut with threads: 3/4-18 - UNF-2A


Solenoid Mount
Vendor: McMaster-Carr
Part No.: 3511T11
Description: Alloy 6061 Aluminum Ground Flat Stock .250" Thick, 6" X 6" Size
Cost: $45.44 each - STOCK
  • Holds solenoid and mounts it to the drive plate
  • Screws on the side constrain range of chipper
Vendor: McMaster-Carr
Part No.: 8885K13
Description: Alloy 7075 Aluminum Sheet .063" Thick, 12" X 12"
Cost: $21.73
  • Supports motor and connects to the 2 spacers in assembly
  • Material is same and shared with Omniwheel plates


6-32 x 1/4" socket cap screw
Vendor: McMaster-Carr
Part No.: 92220A141
Description: 6-32 x 1/4" steel, low profile, socket cap screw
Cost: $7.22 for 25
  • Provides limitation to chipper angle
6-20 x 0.25" Set Screw
Vendor: McMaster-Carr
Part No.: 92765A308
Description: 6-20 x 1/4" steel, set screw
Cost: $6.54 for 25
  • Connects aluminum and steel shafts in kicker plunger


Kicker Force
  • Kicker force is taken to be the work done by the solenoid. This was found by numerically integrating the force and stroke values given in the data sheet for the solenoid. This produced a value of .45 J
  • A dynamic simulation was used with Inventor...


  • Kicker plate must be metal to reduce deformation upon impact
  • Although the force-stroke calculations produce a ball speed much less than the desired 10 m/s, the values given in the solenoid data sheet are for a maximum of 120V
  • The hope is that a solenoid using 300V could easily achieve 10 m/s and beyond.
  • All 4 return springs were ordered and one will be selected after trials.

2007 Solenoid

  • Solenoid from '07 season. S-20-100-H from Solenoid City, ~ $39
  • S-20-100-H