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Documentation and testing methods for evaluating different components and systems of the 2008 RoboCup Robots

RoboCup Mechanical
Testing Devices

Testing Criteria and Objectives


  • Trap ball
    • Ball speed- speed the ball can hit the without moving back. Use a spring and a speed trap to measure the speed.
    • Ball angle- rotate the robot
    • Rebound- distance the ball bounces back
  • Hold ball
    • Center time- measure time in seconds
    • Climb ball- measure change in normal force on the measuring platform
    • Pull force- angle of loss of contact. Measure what incline the measuring platform is required for the dribbler to lose contact
    • Reverse speed- have the robot on a treadmill and measure when the ball comes lose
    • Lateral speed- have the robot on the treadmill but have the dribbler facing tangential to the motion
    • Rotational speed- rotate the speed of the carpet and see when the dribbler loses control
  • Material Test*
    • Measure either the lifetime of the dribbler under continuous operation and visually inspect the dribbler.


  • Evaluate kicking capabilities, such as max speed reached
  • Control speed- speed trap measuring velocity versus voltage
  • Accuracy- impact test to measure where the ball impacts a wall
  • Lifetime- how long does the kicker last both with a ball being hit and when there is no ball. Also measure changes in speed and accuracy over time.
  • Frequency- how long between successive firings


  • Evaluate range capabilities of a chipper design
  • Range- to where the ball lands
  • Angle- accuracy to how close the ball lands
  • Lifetime analysis same as kicker


  • Maximum speed ball at different areas of the shell until it breaks

Omni wheels

  • Test the reliablitity and effectiveness of the omniwheels for traction
  • Traction- run the robot up an incline


Dribbler Incline Test

Purpose: Measure moment dribbler roller produces on ball
Measure: angle of device when ball first begins to fall away
Equipment: Angle device, robot with working dribbler, golf ball
Variables: angle, different dribbler rollers of varying material
  1. Roller 1 - 2007 dribbler roller
  2. Roller 2 - neoprene heat shrink dribbler roller
  3. Roller 3 - santoprene dribble roller
  4. Roller 4 - silicone rubber dribbler roller
  5. Roller 5 - neoprene heat shrink covered, tapered, concave shaft .005" D/.1" L

Testing Forms