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Mechanical System

This page breaks down the mechanical system of the Robots. The problem has been broken down into five phases as follows:

The Wall

Cornell Resource -Ryan

  • Have ya'll checked out these papers yet? They are definately worth looking at. --Andy 23:47, 26 September 2006 (EDT)



Due to our inability to machine and drill into 1/8" block the idea brought up now is to make 2 seperate motor housings into one solid hdpe block, 1/4" thick. I have this cadded as well the updated base plate. Also, the kicker will have to be restructured to allow space for the dribller.

I'll have the new models with me, and once it's all done I will release Rev-0 (final) drawings and parts onto the wiki

- Jason

01-28-07 Solid edge parts are updated along with the mechanical parts list.


01-23-07 I'm changing a few parts and updating the CAD - there is a lot to do...I'll be in the TIN today, and tomorrow...please stop by

01-18-07 Checking out plates holding axle - will also design support for motors. With the transfer from inventor no dimensions were put in SE - probably will also make it impossible to do the drawings. So I'm going to just remodel all parts in SE and send out a revised copy...Email me at with any questions.


01-18-07 Drivetrain has been uploaded as Solid Edge .par files. The zip file can be found here: File:Solid


10-30-06 I will be late to the meeting.

To do list: 1)Create single document with all needed parts and part #'s for ordering.

2)Drive Train: Encoders we found, will not work. Electrical team is looking for another encoder. Work on CAD model, put in bearings for axles, and mounting plates. Cantilever wheels are ok.

3)Manipulator: Select components to populate order sheet (see above). Begin modeling in CAD.


Update 10-12-06

I edited the Dribbler page with some useful info.


Found bevel gears, but we will still need a coupler or custom shaft. Bevel Gears (sdp-si) part #: A 1B 3MYK05040 - same gears, 1 to 1 ratio.



  • Phase 1
    • Simple prototype with holonomic drive train made from the Vex Robotics kit (Complete)
  • Phase 2
    • Build a second fully functioning prototype
    • Kiwi drive system
    • Dribbler and shooter
    • Built to competition dimensions and requirements
  • Phase 3
    • Detail design of entire mechancial system
    • Five robots
    • Design Presentation to ME department
    • Technical Drawings (AutoCAD or Inventor)
  • Phase 4
    • Purchase parts and assemble robot fleet
  • Phase 5
    • Test system and update designs