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(Bot Name)
Year Of Creation 2020-2021
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2020-2021
Wins/Losses Did not fight
Information and Statistics
Weight Class Hobby Weight
Weapon Class (Translational Drift Spinner/Meltybrain)
Combined Wins/Losses Did not fight
Weapon Speed 3600 RPM

Hocki is a Meltybrain, a combat robot that spins itself to attack. Unlike other robots, which have a stationary frame and spinning weapon, in this robot the entire frame is the weapon, and the robot spins itself to attack. This allows the robot to store more energy while spinning slower, which allows for hits to connect better. Such a design requires a control system which uses sensors to estimate the position of the robot. This robot utilizes custom circuitry and software to allow the frame to move, spin, and attack.


Due to COVID-19 this robot did not go to competitions.


(Hocki) V1.0

Team Lead: Varun Madabushi

Team Mentor: Afshan Chandani

Members: Juan Elizondo, Hank Hellstrom, Darren Kosen, Nelson Jiang, Valentin Richter, Kevin Xiao, Sarkis Ter Maritorsyan, Keaton Sadoski, Alex Yu

Drive Motors Scorpion HKIV-4020-860KV
Drive Motor Controllers iFlight SucceX X80A
Receiver FS-A8S
Remote Control FS-i6X
Battery 2x Turnigy Graphene Panther 1200mAh 6S 75C Battery Pack w/XT60


Overall Design

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Overall Design
Control Board
IR Transmitter/Detector
LED Board


Overall Design
Low-Level Systems
State Estimation and Control

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