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Year of Creation 2021-2022
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2021-2022
Wins/Losses 3/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Vertical Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 3/2
Weapon Speed ~7000 RPM

Singulariti is a 4-wheel drive, high speed egg-beater type Vertical Spinner.


Motorama 2022

  • Results: 3-2
    • Bracket Style: Double Elimination
      • [( Win by KO vs Silent Stopper]
        • Silent Stopper was a wedge bot with four articulated forks as an anti-vertical setup.
        • Our front right drive got stuck and a screw came loose that we got stuck on, but nothing mechanically failed. We knocked them up on their side and Silent Stopper lost by KO.
      • [( Loss vs Strong 4]
        • Strong Floor was a shuffler beater-bar.
        • (description of fight)
      • [( Win vs Malice]
        • Malice was a super-powered Beater bar
        • We got an incredibly lucky hit on their weapon belt due to outranging them. Singulariti gouged out a large enough hole into the pulley to reach, then cut the belt, disabling their bot.
        • The makeshift HDPE pike-shaped wedglets did a fantastic job of getting underneath their bot without catching on the arena floor.
      • [( Loss vs Up Chuck]
        • Top 10 Saddest RJ moment 2022
        • Originally a false start, which led to a reset. A super solid hit was landed that could have disabled Up Chuck, but since we spun up at 1, it was a penalty.
        • Following that, both bots led to a solid hit on each other, but unfortunately the hit on ours tore the wire out of the switch, shutting down all our controls... =(
    • Grudge Matches
    • Robojacket Rumble
      • [(Video Link)]
        • Camped in a corner so technically it survived. Only suffered hit was a Blasphemi projectile launched at us. Both bots survived but our weapon shaft got very slightly bent.


Singulariti V1.0

Created by: Michael Chen (mentor), Joe Baldino, Stephen Britten, Casper Corbin, Kaden Knudsen, Sophia Lin, Patrick Villarreal, Michelle Zhang, Peter Zhang

Drive Motors Tunigy Aerodrive 2826 Brushless Motors (1 per side)
Drive Motor Controllers Twisted Hobbies 18A Reversible Brushless ESC (1 per side)
Weapon Motor Propdrive 2826 Brushless Motor
Weapon Motor Controllers Hobbyking 20A Brushless ESC
Receiver OrangeRx R610V2 Lite DSM2 Reciever
Remote Control Spektrum DX9 Black Edition
Battery 3s 1000mah battery provided by RoboJackets

Design Summary

  • Weapon
    • Vertical spinner - egg beater
  • Chasis
    • 4WD optimized chassis made of waterjet aluminum
  • Drive
    • Timing belt driven brushless 4 wheel drive


Good weapon power and weapon bite, was able to do damage quickly
Drive speed is fast
The steering rate is fast
The structure did not take damage after all fights
Wedgelet setup was able to get under the opponents


  • Issues with the weapon pulley slipping because the teeth on the pulley stripped due to load and friction
  • Several electronic issues with wires breaking from repeated bending
  • Ears kept falling off due to adhesive not being strong enough
  • Weapon belt detaching after spinup from the weapon pulley

Changes to make

  • Stronger pulleys for drive (nylon) with taller sides and thin heat insert fit
  • Correct belt length for front (56t) (order more belts in general)
  • Higher weapon pulley walls
  • Magnets/magnet holders for steel floors
  • Screws to mount ears
  • Stronger main power wire
  • Top plate correct spacing to prevent holes breaking and make out of nylon
  • Motor cage thicker (flex less)
  • Diagonal battery tray
  • Stick with the long forks
  • Fail safe capable receiver (look at what brand the one we have rn is)
  • Increase 3D printed back armour thickness
  • Integrated ears on inner side plate



Naming Inspiration: sounded kinda cool

Laser engraved logo on the side of our bot