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Each year elections are held for officers. This takes place in late spring over the span of two meetings, the first of which for nominations and the second for elections. Terms for elected positions last for one year with a transition period near the end of Spring Semester.


To be eligible for a position a person must be an active member of the RoboJackets who has paid dues. They must be nominated and seconded, and then must accept their nomination. The position of President, Vice President, and Treasurer may only be held by a person with at least one year of membership. Note it is not advisable for an officer to also be a project manager.


The elections meeting will be conducted by the standing president. Elections will progress by electing positions from the President downward. Each candidate will be given time to speak without the other candidates in the room. Each speech will be follow by a period of questioning. After all candidates have had speeches and questioning, there will be discussion amongst all non-candidates until there is no more discussion or a motion to vote is verbally put forth. Voting will take place informally by a show of hands. If any member objects to informal voting, voting will then take place by ballot. A candidate will win by simple majority. Only dues-paying members will be permitted to vote or speak during the elections meeting; however, anyone may attend.


The following positions are elected or appointed each year. Below, the roles of each position are summarized. For more information, see each role's page.


The President will have general supervision of the affairs of RoboJackets and its involvement with organizations on and off campus. Within RoboJackets, the President will be responsible for overseeing club finances with the Treasurer, leading bi-weekly core meetings, and being the general leader of the organization. Outside of RoboJackets, the President will act as a liaison between campus and external organizations, be a main point of contact for alumni and companies, represent RoboJackets in SCC Governing Board and CoC Undergraduate Council, and work with other SCC teams on relevant issues.


The Vice President will be the junior executive officer and will act on the behalf of the President in the event of his/her absence. The Vice President will work with project managers to ensure projects are executed as planned, and assist in presidential duties. The Vice President will also work with the PR chair to plan outreach events.


The Treasurer will be responsible for purchases and keeping accurate records of the ingoing and outgoing expenses from the organization’s accounts. Specifically, approving team budgets with the Project Managers and assisting them with purchase planning and coordinating trip expenses, attending all SGA finance hearings and overseeing RoboJackets' SGA bills and budgets, and providing financial guidance with sponsors.


The Secretary is responsible for the reservations of rooms and vehicles for RoboJackets, reporting attendance information to the College of Computing, and organizing general meetings every month, and any social events. The Secretary will also take minutes at core meetings, organize social events with the PR Chair, and keep the wiki up to date.

Shop Manager

The Shop Manager will be responsible for ensuring cleanliness and organization within the shop and will submit requests for shop consumables and capital expenditures to the Treasurer as necessary. The Shop Manager will also assist with member training and work with other SCC teams on CMA matters.

Promotions Chair

The Promotions Chair will be responsible for the promotion of RoboJackets in the Georgia Tech community and beyond. The PR Chair will keep current promotional materials current and stocked, post to social media and the website about events and general updates, plan and organize social events with the Secretary. The PR Chair will also be responsible for branding through clothing, business cards, etc.

Outreach Chair

The Outreach Chair is responsible for running the Outreach Committee, reinforcing current outreach operations, and continuing to grow our outreach efforts in the Georgia Tech community. This also includes communicating with on campus departments for any outreach events occuring on campus, including tabling and excluding kickoff.

Project Manager

Project Managers' primary responsibilities are to lead and assist their respective teams in getting the team's robot(s) to competition. Project Managers will plan team meetings and arrange transportation, prepare a budget and proposal for their team, build purchase orders for the their team, record their team's progress and report it at core meetings, manage their Sub-team Leads, work with the PR Chair to ensure photos and videos are produced at competitions, and maintain relevant team activities on the RoboJackets Calendar.

Team Leadership

Team leadership varies between the different teams. More information can be found at the linked wiki article.

Leadership Changes Spring 2019

Appointed Positions

IT Coordinator

The IT Coordinator is responsible for managing and maintaining all non-robot technology. The IT Coordinator will submit a proposal and budget document every fall, just like project managers. This document will outline the key goals of RJ IT for the year and outline any costs.

Sponsorship Chair

The Sponsorship Chair is in charge of keeping active contact with current and potential sponsors for RoboJackets. Responsibilities include, working with the PR Chair on sponsorship packets and newsletters, working with the president to prepare email templates to assist PMs and STLs with reaching out to companies, working with the development office on gaining new sponsors and keeping in touch with our current ones, and reaching out directly to potential new companies.

Training Coordinator

The Training Coordinator is the primary point of contact for Training in RoboJackets. They are in charge of planning and managing Spring Training as well as any other external or internal training events for RoboJackets. The training chair should also be providing assistance to discipline training leads as needed.

Electrical/Mechanical/Software/Firmware Training Lead

Training Leads are responsible for developing their discipline's curriculum, preparing purchase orders for training consumables, booking rooms for training sessions, and sending communications regarding training sessions.

Electrical/Mechanical/Software Discipline Core Chair

Discipline Core Chairs are responsible for scheduling and running the discipline core meeting. The chair should generate the agenda for the meeting and facilitate import discipline discussions as needed.

Kickoff Coordinator

The Kickoff coordinator will work with the President, Treasurer, Georgia FIRST, and relevant on-campus departments to plan Kickoff.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator will work with external parties requesting RoboJackets involvement to provide volunteers, organizing rides, volunteers, roles, and hotels when needed. This includes BEST, FIRST, and VEX events, as well as off campus tabling.

SCC Relations Lead

The SCC Relations Lead must attend SCCGB meetings as a voting member and represent RoboJackets interests through active participation in discussions at these meetings. They will report back to Core Leadership with meaningful updates from SCCGB. The SCC Relations Lead will also participate in at least one of the SCC Committees.

Web App Product Owner

Project manager for the web applications actively being developed by RoboJackets.


The purchaser will assist the Treasurer with the purchasing and fulfilment of purchase orders. The Purchaser is to be in communication with the Treasurer while performing his/her duties and shall follow all purchasing guidelines as set forth by RoboJackets policy and the Treasurer. The Purchaser does not have any authorization abilities.