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Year Of Creation 2023
Wins/Losses 4/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Shell Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 4/2

A 3lb shell spinner made in the style of Chonkiii.


December In House Competition 2023



Created by: Jacques Wang

Drive Motors Custom "Dartbox" motors using Botkits gearboxes and MTB Rhino motors
Drive Motor Controllers Scorpion Mini Dual Brushed ESC
Weapon Motor Flash Hobby d2836 880kv
Weapon Motor Controllers Turnigy multistar 41a ESC
Receiver 2A mini Reciever for Flysky Controller 4Ch
Remote Control Flysky FS-i6x 6-10Ch 2.4GHz RC transmitter
Battery Turnigy 4s 850mah
Wheels TPU Wheels on Fingertech Snap Hubs, coated with hot glue

Design Summary

Skinn0 was named without the "i" as Skinni was intended to have shufflers so Skinn0 represents a negative iteration. It was pretty much designed and built in a week specifically for the December In House Competition 2023 hosted by Ryan and it was due to this short timeline that a wheeled version was created. The chassis consists of a TPU clamshell with an aluminum top and bottom plate. The shell is mostly printed TPU with an aluminum top plate for contact with the wheel and AR teeth.


  • Weapon
    • Tooth mounts need more material
    • 1/8 in aluminum top plate prone to bending
    • Rubber wheel wore down relatively quickly, could have been due to the sandblasted top plate
    • Would lose contact with wheel, need supporting roller on other side
    • A little unbalanced, making drive hard
  • Chassis
    • The wood screws were convenient at the time but opening up the chassis was kind of annoying due to how long the screws were
    • The motor mounts would heat up enough to melt through the TPU holding it in
  • Drive
    • 2 Wheel drive centered on the middle of the robot is very wobbly and hard to control
    • Lack of traction exacerbated the unbalanced weapon problem and the chassis would constantly rotate in use

Not Problems

  • Weapon
    • Spinup was surprisingly good considering the relatively small motor
    • Tooth design was nice and sharp
  • Chassis
    • Clamshell design was very effective considering the little manufacturing effort and parts required



Skinn0-1.jpg Skinn0-2.jpg Skinn0-3.jpg Skinn0-4.jpg