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The Secretary is responsible for the reservations of rooms and vehicles for RoboJackets, improving and updating the Wiki, keeping the RJ calendar up to date, managing the HubSpot, keeping minutes during Core meetings, and organizing general meetings and socials, the annual leadership retreat, semesterly cookouts, and any other RoboJacket wide social events.


Booking Vehicles and Rooms

The secretary is responsible for booking rooms and vehicles for all RoboJackets meetings and competitions. Currently there is a reservation form that RoboJacket members can fill out to request a reservation. More information on this process can be found in How to Reserve a Room and How to Reserve a Vehicle.

Updating the RJ Calander

The secretary is also responsible for keeping the RJ Calendar up to date which includes adding and updating meetings, socials, and competition events. This responsibility includes contacting and reminding PMs, STLs, and other leadership positions to add their team meeting dates. For more information on this task see How to create a calendar event.

Managing the RJ HubSpot

Hubspot is where we keep emails sent to and In the Spring of 2020, managing the HubSpot was delegated to the secretary. This includes assigning RoboJacket members to new emails and making sure they respond within a timely manner.

Social Events and General Meetings

To facilitate RoboJackets being a cohesive club, the secretary is responsible for setting up a general meeting or social every month. The secretary will plan these RoboJackets-wide social events which include the annual leadership retreat, semesterly cookouts, and the monthly socials/general meetings. This involves collecting RSVPs, reserving the correct venue, ordering food if appropriate, and helping to set-up, run, and tear down the event.

At the general meetings, traditionally, the secretary will find a guest speaker (ie. a Professor to talk about research, a sponsor to talk about their company, etc...), and then have the Project Managers present a 5-minute report on their teams progress for the rest of the meeting.

The secretary is also responsible for helping plan the annual General Interest Meeting that acts as the primary new member onboarding event for the year.

Wiki Maintenance

The secretary is responsible for keeping the wiki page up to date and organized. This entails contacting PMs to update competition pages and doing general housekeeping throughout the year.