How to Reserve a Room

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RoboJackets will generally reserve one of 3 types of rooms. The procedures for reserving them are outlined below.

School of Applied Physiology Room Reservations

Applied Physiology conference rooms are available for reservation at no cost to other building tenants and officially chartered GT Student organizations. Departmental faculty will have priority over all conference rooms. A 48 hour advanced notice is required for room reservations. Walk-up requests will not be accommodated.

To request a room reservation, send an email to Include the date, start and end times, and number of people. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

For General rooms for AP conference rooms, see here.

On Campus Room

These rooms are reserved for a wide range of events. If not reserved during certain hours, a cleaning cost will be incurred; however, if the College of Computing reserves the room, RoboJackets will not incur the fee. Book these rooms at at least three days in advance.

SCC Conference Room

This room is reserved on the SCC sharepoint calendar: