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The RoboJackets General Interest Meeting is the primary member onboarding event for the year. At this meeting, new recruits are invited to hear presentations from the President, each Project Manager, and the Training Coordinator. The presentation covers background information about RoboJackets, the high-level goals of each project for the year, logistics for training, and the requirements for being in RoboJackets. At the end of the presentation, the teams participate in a mini-tabling fair where new members formally express a desire to join and have their questions answered by senior members.

Pre-Event Logistics


Marketing the General Interest Meeting is a multi-faceted effort that aims to reach every interested student.

Tabling Events

The core of marketing is at tabling events during the summer and first weeks of school. The complete list of places we table may vary from year to year, but the following events should all be considered


Departmental Mailing Lists

Social Media

Physical Signage

Running the Meeting

Post-Event Logistics