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|[https://cloud.robojackets.org RoboJackets Cloud]
|[https://cloud.robojackets.org RoboJackets Cloud]
|[[Accessing Cloud from macOS]]
|[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf67qNeCom9iu23SXlcr3mqqLhSq1l4e-DZvTWBcWk6ufBWIw/viewform Request Access], [[Accessing Cloud from macOS]]
|File Storage
|File Storage

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A wide variety of tools are available to RoboJackets members to help them communicate and work productively. On this page, you can find information to help you access and use these tools.

Common Capabilities

Status Meaning
Required This is the only solution for the listed domain and capability.
Preferred This is a recommended solution for the listed domain and capability, but there are also other solutions available.
Available This is an optional solution for the listed domain and capability, but there's no requirement or recommendation that it's used.
Emerging This solution is still being investigated. Support and/or availability might be limited.
Domain Capability Solution Status Help/Access
Communication Mailing Lists Google Groups (G Suite) Emerging
Communication Video Chat Google Meet Available Google Meet
Communication CRM Hubspot Emerging
Communication Email RoboJackets Mail (G Suite) Available G Suite Accounts, Request a G Suite Account, Request @robojackets.org Email Alias
Communication IM Slack Required Slack Etiquette
Communication Mailing Lists Sympa Required Request List Owner/Moderator Permissions
File Storage CAD Autodesk Vault Preferred
File Storage Code GitHub Preferred Git How-To, RoboJackets GitHub Organization
File Storage Generic RoboJackets Cloud Preferred Request Access, Accessing Cloud from macOS
File Storage Collaboration Team Drives Preferred
File Storage Generic Dropbox Available
Org Management Attendance/Dues MyRoboJackets Required
Org Management Access Control / SGA OrgSync Required
Org Management Website Wordpress Required How to create a calendar event
Project Management Task Tracking Trello Preferred About Trello
Project Management Documentation MediaWiki Preferred
Project Management Task Tracking ClickUp Available About ClickUp