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Google Meet is a more business-oriented edition of Hangouts available to G Suite customers, including RoboJackets. We use it for larger remote meetings, including Core meetings during the summer. Note that you will need a RoboJackets G Suite account to set up a meeting.

Comparison to Hangouts

  • Google Meet supports up to 25 participants compared to 10 for Hangouts.
  • Users without a RoboJackets G Suite account must be explicitly invited to the meeting in advance, or ask to join and then be approved by someone with a G Suite account. With Hangouts, anyone can join using the link.
  • Any participant can mute any other participant by clicking the microphone icon next to their avatar.
  • Users may join via phone using the dial-in number and PIN provided.

How to schedule a meeting in advance

  1. Visit and create an event.
  2. In the Video call section, click "Add video call".
  3. Add guests using the right sidebar. Note that you should only add Gmail addresses, otherwise they won't be able to join directly.
  4. Click Save.

Guests will be able to view the meeting the day of at They'll also be to join the meeting using the direct URL or meeting code without approval.

How to start an impromptu meeting

Visit and click "Start a new meeting". You can then distribute the link to participants. Note that unless they have a G Suite account, you will have to manually approve them as they join - you'll hear a ding and a notification box will appear.