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The RoboJackets Slack is the primary means of real-time communication within RoboJackets. It's open to anyone with a email address, and most current and former members have an account. As such, it's grown quickly since we first migrated to Slack, and we've decided to establish the following policies to make it a good experience for new and old members alike.

All members

  • Your full name should be your first and last name, e.g. George Burdell.
  • Your display name should be blank.
  • You should set your first and last names in your profile, and set some sort of profile picture. There's only so much plaid to go around!
  • You are encouraged to set a phone number so that you can be easily contacted in urgent situations. In general, other users should try to contact you via Slack first.
  • You may not send any automated messages of any kind unless explicitly approved by RoboJackets IT.
    • Requests for Slack apps and integrations may be placed through the built-in approval process.
    • Requests for other use cases should be posted in the #it-helpdesk channel.
  • While we do allow any user to create public channels, please do not do so frivolously. If you create a channel, give it a clear purpose and name.

Officers, project managers, and other team leadership

  • Your profile picture should be an accurate and recent representation of your physical appearance.
  • You should set your position in your Slack profile so that new members can quickly determine your role.
  • You should set a phone number in your Slack profile so that you can be easily contacted in urgent situations.
  • You may request admin rights on Slack to assist in managing your team's channels - ask in #it-helpdesk.