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RoboJackets Current Design at Joao Pessoa, Brazil

The Georgia Tech RoboJackets RoboCup Small-Size League team competes in a 6-on-6 AI-driven soccer match against teams from around the world.
The field is equipped with two overhead cameras, which act as the primary information source for the selection of plays and tactics.

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Important Items


Electrical Room Equipment

List of RoboCup Electrical Wiki Pages

How to be a Great Electrical Engineer

RoboCup Electrical 2015

Control Board 2011

Control Board 2011c Reference Page

LED Indicator Reference Sheet

Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven Project

Design Programs


  • Schematic/PCB editor

Xilinx ISE Design Suite

  • Verilog synthesis
  • FPGA pin configurations


  • Solder paste stencil editing/verification
    • Download free trial and print to a PDF for keeping a vector formatted file

Altium Designer

Mayhew Labs 3-D Gerber Viewer

  • CAM Job
    • Export gerbers and drill
    • Select all relevant gerber and drill files
    • Drag-and-drop files
    • Select the corresponding gerbers for each layer and the drill file
    • Inspect the PCB

Learning Resources

RoboJackets Electrical Training

RoboCup Electrical Video Tutorials


List of all RoboCup Mechanical Works

RoboCup Mechanical 2015

RoboCup Mechanical 2017


List of all RoboCup Software Works

RoboCup Software

Manual Drive Control


Example Matches

SKUBA(blue) vs. ZJUNlict(yellow)

Parsian(yellow) vs. KIKS(blue)

Current Officers

  • Jeremy Feltracco - Project Manager
  • Evan Peterson - Electrical Lead
  • Sameer Naeem - Mechanical Lead
  • Josh Ting (Fall), Matthew Woodward (Spring) - Software Lead

Reference Documents

Research Papers

General Resources for Learning

RoboCup-Specific Resources for Learning