Research Papers

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General Literature for RoboCup Software System

  • Petri Net Paper - "Multi-objective Exploration and Search for Autonomous Rescue Robots" Full Text(Requires GT Login)
  • Cornell 2002 Software. Documentation is in the common folder ZIP

Motion Control

  • "Motion Control in Dynamic Multi-Robot Environments" PDF
  • "Motion Control in CMUnited-98" PDF
  • "Reactive Visual Control of Multiple Non-Holonomic Robotic Agents" PDF
  • "Near-Optimal Dynamic Trajectory Generation and Control of an Omnidirectional Vehicle" PDF
  • "Trajectory Generation and Control for Four Wheeled Omnidirectional Vehicles" PDF
  • "Motion design and learning of autonomous robots based on primitives and heuristic cost-to-go" PDF
  • "A Decomposition Approach to Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Control" PDF
  • "Iterative MILP methods for Vehicle Control Problems" PDF
  • "Holonomic Control of a robot with an omnidirectional drive." PDF

Path Planning

  • Real-Time Multi-Robot Motion Planning With Safe Dynamics PDF
  • Dynamic Window Paper - "High-Speed Navigation Using the Global Dynamic Window Approach"PDF