Robocup 2018 Fleet

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Robocup 2018 Robot


Robocup 2018

  • Results
    • Loss vs. Neu Islanders
    • Tie vs. ULtron
    • Win vs. AMC
    • Tie vs. RoboIME
    • Win vs. RoboFEI
    • Loss vs. UBC Thunderbots

Good aspects from competition

  • Wheels rolled pretty consistently and did not slip on the carpet terribly often
  • Kicks were very consistent, and the kicker did not break
  • Shell design was user-friendly, and robust
  • Batteries were extremely long lasting
  • Control boards were extremely robust

Issues at competition

  • Lack of chipper made strategy much harder
  • Dribbler material was not appropriate
    • Using foam is not acceptable compared to a plastic or rubber material
    • The dampening aspect of the dribbler is not as important as the grippiness for the dribbler roller
  • MBed is incapable of doing enough floating point calculations to process IMU inputs for motion control
  • The Decawave radios cut out when the referee walks in between them
  • Capture did not work

Changes/Improvements for 2019 Fleet

  • Develop a chipper to facilitate starts
  • Add damping to the dribbler to facilitate passing
  • Build upon the usability of the previous shell, and make it semi-permanent
  • Build upon the wheels to make a smoother ride
  • Create a custom version of the MBed based on the Cortex-M7
  • Consider other radio options
  • Rebuild capture play to enable passing