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RoboCup Software encompasses all parts of the system that run on a host machine (not the robots). The entire software system is composed both of the components we play soccer and compete with as well as a sort of SDK that allows new components to be written quickly for idea and system testing.

We currently host our software project on github, so check it out:

Main Programs

Everything after vision and before radio happens here.
Simulates a game environment, including vision and radio
The standard SSL referee box for issuing referee commands to all teams
Radio communication with on-field robots

Logging Utilities

Playback of logged data
Records vision and referee data just like soccer does, but with no processing.
Reads vision and referee packets from a tcpdump file and generates a log file. Use with util/log_vision.


RoboCup Tips&Tricks 
Some pointers on how to begin writing and debugging code.
We currently use Git as our code management system, and this will explain how to acquire and update the code base.
RoboCup Simulator Execution 
How to start and configure the simulator and connect to one or two soccer playing modules, as well as the Referee Module
RoboCup Live Robot Execution 
How to start and run the soccer with actual robots, connect to shared vision, and receive commands from the Referee Module


There are a variety of conventions used throughout the code, both to represent soccer-playing, and to maintain consistency in code development.

RoboCup Field Structure 
The coordinate systems and their relationship to the field
Field and Camera Information 
Specifications on our cameras