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Each year elections are held for officers. This takes place in late spring over the span of two meetings, the first of which for nominations and the second for elections. Terms for elected positions last for one year with a transition period near the end of Spring Semester.


To be eligible for a position a person must be an active member of the RoboJackets who has paid dues. They must be nominated and seconded, and then must accept their nomination. The position of President, Vice President, and Treasurer may only be held by a person with at least one year of membership. Note it is not advisable for an officer to also be a project manager.


The elections meeting will be conducted by the standing president. Elections will progress by electing positions from the President downward. Each candidate will be given time to speak without the other candidates in the room. Each speech will be follow by a period of questioning. After all candidates have had speeches and questioning, there will be discussion amongst all non-candidates until there is no more discussion or a motion to vote is verbally put forth. Voting will take place informally by a show of hands. If any member objects to informal voting, voting will then take place by ballot. A candidate will win by simple majority. Only dues-paying members will be permitted to vote or speak during the elections meeting; however, anyone may attend.


The following positions are elected each year. Below, the roles of each position are listed as well as primary responsibilities. For more detailed information, see [Club Administrators].


  • Leader of RoboJackets
  • Organize and lead bi-weekly core meetings
  • Organize and lead monthly general meeting
    • Coordinate to have a guest speaker
  • RoboJackets liaison
  • Main point of contact for sponsors, alumni, etc.
  • Work with Treasurer to oversee club finances
  • Work with staff and faculty from ME, ECE and CoC to coordinate on campus support
  • Work with sponsors and handle proposals
  • Work with other SCC teams on issues
  • Ensure that everything gets done
    • Use Trello to track, delegate, and update key tasks
    • Directly help (or delegate someone to help) when an objective is not being accomplished


  • Manage teams
    • Keep them on track
    • Monitor their progress
    • Keep them informed of on goings
  • Support the president
    • Assist president in presidential duties
    • Act on behalf of the president in his/her absence
  • Work with PR Chair to plan outreach events


  • Make purchases for the organization in a timely manner
  • Monitor account balances
  • Maintain internal budget spreadsheets (with President and VP).
  • Approve budgets from team project managers
  • Ensure appropriate expenditures of all teams
  • Work with president and project managers on purchase planning
  • Provide financial guidance with sponsors
  • Coordinate trip expenses with project managers
  • SGA bills and budgets
    • Attend all finance hearings (typically in the spring)

Public Relations Chair

  • Keep promotional materials current and stocked
  • Branding (T-Shirts, Polos, Brochures, Business Cards, etc.)
  • Posts to the website about events and finds ways to publicize them on campus
  • Organize�programs�that�involving�helping�the�surrounding�community
  • Manages and works with the president for sponsor relations.
  • Plan and organize member recruitment programs with Secretary
  • Plan and organize RoboJackets social events with Secretary
  • Update RoboJackets Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Create advertisements for Technique and WREK Radio


  • Takes minutes at general and core meetings
  • Send emails on behalf of RoboJackets when needed
  • Work with PR Chair on external image
  • Plan and organize member recruitment programs with PR Chair
  • Plan and organize RoboJackets social events with PR Chair
  • Book space for meetings and events
  • Help keep website current
  • Update non-team-specific wiki pages
  • Responsible for keeping the RoboJackets-wide calendar feed up-to-date

Shop Manager

  • Maintain shop cleanliness
    • Periodically keep scraps pile under control
  • Work with laboratory adviser
  • Work with other SCC teams to coordinate fixing of shared tools and ordering of shared supplies.
  • Builds purchase orders for shop consumables and new tooling.
  • Assist with member training.

Project Managers

The project manager is elected outside of the general elections by core members of the organization. A project manager will be elected for each team within RoboJackets.

The responsibilities for the project manager are as follows:

  • Get robots to competition
  • Plan team meetings and arrange transportation
  • Promote member-retention
  • Coordinate member training
  • Send reminder emails for team meetings
  • Prepare budget for the team
  • Builds purchase orders for the team.
  • Keep record of team progress to report to core.
  • Make a video demonstrating the team's activities for the year

Appointed Positions

IT Coordinator

Interested candidates should talk with the current IT coordinator.

note: backups are currently handled by having cron run /root/scripts/backup.sh monthly. Backups are put in folders by date under /media/backup_share and info and errors are logged to /var/logs/backup.sh.log.