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This page lists all the things the organization must do toward the end of the spring and during the summer in order to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

For useful Georgia Tech contacts who can help you do some of these things, see People To Know.


-Should help manage events, book classrooms and space for events, take meeting minutes, organize club documents, etc.

Public Relations Chair


These need to be maintained and updated every year. They should always have our website, the Presidents contact info and the PR contact info on it.

Website and Gallery

Make certain all officers and team leaders both have the necessary access and know how to post to the website. Also maker sure people who need to be able to post the gallery both know how to and have access as well. In addition to accessibility, keep them fresh, updated and alive.

Mechanical Engineering Brochure

This is a brochure that the ME department uses. They use this for one whole year and it is given out to prospective students, new students, possible sponsors (either to us or ME), visitors, and interested parties. This will also be given out by us at many events and should offer a good overview of who we are and what we did last year. To update this, talk to Rona Ginsberg and update the other things that are handed out that talk about us.

Intro Event Hand Out

Something about the size of a post card (maybe bigger). It should have our intro meeting time, date, location, logos of each event, the location of the SCC, and a short about us.

Business Cards

Should have the contact info for the Pres, V Pres, website, and for your self since you are the contact for all thing media related.

List of Leaders and Contact Info

Once the new officers and if necessary new team leaders have been decided, you need to update the list of Leaders and Team Leaders. This list should have both the cell number and email address of each team leader and officer. This is needed by Sterling Skinner (man who is in charge of the SCC) and it needs to be posted in the electrical room.


Inventory all of the shirts and find out how many of each type and size. Figure out how many we need of each and get a quote.


There are two important events that always happen and are a good source for new members. Also find out what else is going on around campus there will be more check with RIM and ME. Also look for department hosted socials to kick off the new school year these are great place to have a table and promote the RoboJackets. In addition, many schools have locations where you can put up a poster or some brochures.


This is the freshman student orientation. There are six events and this is by far one of the best ways to meet new and incoming students.

  1. In April the FASET application needs to be filled out and turned in
  2. RoboJackets Flyers
  3. Laptops for collecting emails
  4. Display

See HOWTO:_FASET for details

Grad Expo

This is for incoming grad students and happens only once in August.

  • 1) In May / June the application needs to be filled out and turned in.
  • 2) Handouts for Intro meeting (see intro meeting for more)
  • 3) Brochure from ME dept
  • 4) Display

If funding allows try to have a giveaway (ie. a RJ T-shirt NOT POLO's)

Involvement Fair

Usually held on Skiles Walkway during either first or second week of school in the middle of the day.

  • 1) App Due end of July / beginning of Aug.
  • 2) Handouts for Intro meeting (see intro meeting for more)
  • 3) Brochure from ME dept
  • 4) Display
Introductory Meeting

This one you have to setup and plan. It is suggested that you have it in the student center ballroom (because new students will at least know where the student center is located). It should also be on either the second or third week of class and not on Friday. Booking the event will cost some cash though not a lot (less than $100). Before the intro meeting you should visit each school ME, AE, EE, CS, etc and try to get the to spam their list about our meeting (around the first week of school). Once booked, the student center contact for events will need to meet with you about 2 to 3 weeks before hand to verify and make sure you are getting what we need.

You need at least

  • Powerpoint
  • Short video
  • Some robots
  • Pizza
    • Papa Johns offers a 30% discount for over 10 large pizzas or 7.99 a pie for over 10 larges
End-of-year Banquet

Once a year the club host an annual banquet to showcase our teams' accomplishments for the year to faculty, staff and students who are involved with RoboJackets. This event generally is centered around a presentation that is given by the officers and team leaders covering the club as a whole and each team. Food is also served in conjunction with the event.

You need at least:

  • Updated Powerpoint and Video
  • Some Robots
  • Food
  • Event Space

More information about the banquet

Other Events

Look for things like departmental socials and other events. You should try and find out about these in advance of their announcement inorder to have enough time to prepare. So talk to the people above in the People To Know section in the summer.

You need

  • Display
  • Brochure
  • Robots
FIRST Kickoff
FIRST Peachtree Regional

You need

  • Display
  • Brochure

Tool / Shop Master


Craftsman Bandsaw

Ryobi Drill Press


Technology and Computer Related

Each year, the IT committee should complete the following tasks

  • Dust shop computers
  • Wipe down monitors, keyboards, and mice
  • Evaluate any hardware needing replacement
  • Update the standard RoboJackets Windows Image
  • Submit a budget proposal like project teams

See the RoboJackets IT Docs on GT github for more info