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Once a year the club host an annual banquet to showcase our teams' accomplishments for the year to faculty, staff and students who are involved with RoboJackets. This event generally is centered around a presentation that is given by the officers and team leaders covering the club as a whole and each team. Food is also served in conjunction with the event.

The main items for the banquet are:

  • A presentation
  • A room to hold the banquet in
  • Food catered for the event
  • Invitations for sponsors, staff, and faculty
  • Updated business cards


The presentation for the banquet is our one formal opportunity to show faculty, staff, and students involved with RoboJackets what we have done over the past year and also introduce them to our new officers and team leaders.The presentation should highlight our accomplishments to date and should provide some technical information about our systems. For example, details about the algorithms each team is using in their robot(s) and implementation of those algorithms are good topics to go over in the presentation. Videos, if available, should be shown to give the audience some idea of how the robots work in the real world. The presentation should also provide some information about what the club as a whole is doing in terms of outreach (FIRST, and TE sessions) and what it is doing to provide our members with fun activities to offset the grueling work of designing and building robots for competition. Lastly, the presentation should introduce our new officers and team leaders and what they each plan to accomplish over the next year. All of this should fit in a presentation that should last 20-45mins.

Getting Space

Though the banquet has been held in the Tin building at least one year in other years it has been held in the Student Center and in Klaus. Below are links to reservation websites for Klaus, the Student Center, and TSRB. While space planning has global oversight over where events can be hosted they are mainly responsible for recurring events. Each department has oversight over one-time events


The banquet, being that it is a banquet, is generally an event with food. Depending on the number of people expected to attend, the amount of food and where and how it is obtained will vary from food provided by club to a fully catered event. If the event will be catered there are certain policies that must be followed. Information about these policies and who Georgia Tech has authorized to cater events is below. Basically if the cost for food is under $100 in GT funds or GT funds aren't used then the event can be catered by any delivery service or other vendor. This loop-hold could allow for banquets to be done without using caterers. The policy does forbid cooking food or doing potlucks. On the page linked below there is a link to the GT catering policy.

GT catering Information


Invitations should be sent out as soon as possible for the banquet and every possible attempt should be made to ensure those invited can and do attend. Below is list of people who should be invited. It is split into two list: Faculty and Staff, and Sponsors

Georgia Tech


  1. Ninh Tran - SGA Finance Manager
  2. Angela Hicks - ME Finance Manager
  3. Rekah Patel - ME Finance Manager
  4. Tom Lawley - ME Development
  5. Caroline Wood - GT Development
  6. Rona Ginsberg - ME Media
  7. Melinda Wilson - ME Media
  8. Giselle Martin - CoC Student Involvement and Diversity
  9. Alicia Richart - CoC Student Involvement and Diversity
  10. Sterling Skinner - ME Lab Manager and SCC Building Manager
  11. John Graham - ME Machine Shop

  1. Dr. Magnus Egerstedt - CC/RIM
  2. Dr. Henrik Christensen - CC/RIM
  3. Dr. Chris Paredis - ME
  4. Dr. Wayne Book - ME/RIM
  5. Dr. Patrico Vela - ECE
  6. Dr. Tucker Balch - CC/RIM

Current Sponsors

  1. Damon Padgett - Tactical Robot Solutions
  2. - CAT
  3. - GM
  4. - Sentrinsic
  5. Jeremy Roberts - Qcept Technologies
  6. - MFG.com

Future Sponsors

  1. - Gecko Systems


This is the program from 2008

  • Welcome by President
  • Food
  • Guest Speaker
  • Each team talks for about 5 min on what they have done this year and how they are shaping up for summer competitions.
  • Give shirts out to faculty, sponsors, staff, that have helped us and don't already have one.

Gifts for sponsors, Member Awards, Swag, and other items

Sponsors and faculty & staff who have been involved with RoboJackets should be acknowledged at the banquet. This can be done by giving them a shirt or presenting them with a token of our appreciation. Though this hasn't been done members can also be recognized. For example recognition can be given to senior members. Swag for each table has been brought up as an idea. Please see the swag page.