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Year of Creation 2023-2024
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2023-2024
Wins/Losses 1/1
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Horizontal Undercutter
Combined Wins/Losses 1/1
Weapon Speed 9300

This is Wasabi, built by Summer Reese, Josh Reingold, Alexander King, Vincent Nienhusser, Sami Moussa, Adi Deepak, Dinuk De Silva


UGA Spring Smash 2024

  • Results:1/1
    • Bracket Style: Single Elimination
      • Win vs Automation
        • Both bots' weapons failed within 15 seconds
      • Loss vs Phil
        • was able to get a multiple good hits, incapacitated Phil's weapon
        • Phil won due to aggression and control categories.

Grudge Matches (At SCC)

  • 3-way match vs Bipolariti and Barbi
    • Barbi won
    • Bipolariti caught on fire
    • Belt slipped off pulley resulting in loss


Wasabi V1.0

Created by: Summer Reese, Josh Reingold, Sami Moussa, Alexander King, Vincent Nienhusser, Adi Deepak, Dinuk De Silva

Drive Motors Dartbox Viper [V2]
Drive Motor Controllers Budget 15A Dual Brushed ESC
Weapon Motor FLASH HOBBY D2836 Brushless Outrunner Motor 2~4S (800KV)
Weapon Motor Controllers Flycolor Francy 2 BLHeli_32 3-6S Dshot ESC
Receiver FlySky FS-I6 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver
Remote Control FlySky FS-i6-M2 2.4GHz 6-Channel Transmitter
Battery GAONENG GNB 930MAH 11.1V 3S 120C LIPO
Armor 3D printed TPU

Problems (Absolutely no problems. Except these ones.)

  • Poor ground clearance (Ground was in our way)
  • Half pound overweight (Freshman 15)
  • Hard to find right belt length
  • TPU armor interfered with hub caps
  • Almost caught on fire (but didn't much). Make sure to wrap exposed electronic metal in electrical tape
  • Not enough washers or zinc nut


  • Created shelf to raise weapon while maintaining chassis room for electronics to improve ground clearance.
  • Hammer. And holes. Lots of holes. SO MANY HOLES. And filing. MANY FILINGS. Also changed top plate from aluminum to NylonX.
  • Cut and welded a polycord belt to start and then found the right belt length and got the correct timing belt.
  • Changed design to create holes for hub caps in armor
  • Tape
  • Washers are magic and should be worshipped

Good aspects (Sick looking bot)

  • TPU armor
  • Invertible
  • Shelf worked well
  • Foam wheels
  • Hot glued nut
  • Great drive


Name Inspiration: The condiment wasabi.

Wasabi is superior!