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Year of Creation 2019-2020
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2019-2020
Wins/Losses 1/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Ring Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 1/2
Weapon Speed 4000 RPM

Ring Spinner based on a secondary set of flywheels instead of a milled groove as a vertical constraint


Motorama 2020

  • Results: 1 Win / 2 Losses
    • Bracket Style: Double Elimination
      • Win: UnderDoge
        • Vertical Spinner
      • Loss: Shreddit Bro
        • Kitbot beater bar
      • Loss: Off Track
        • Drum spinner
    • Notes:
      • Weird Electrical Issues : weapon spinning vs left drive motor
        • We suspect the weapon draws too much power and conflicts with our drive esc
      • Because of last minute additions for the weapon wheel, some parts stuck outside of our armor and gave a point of access to opponents to crack our top plate open


Spinni-Boi V1.0

Created by: Darren Kosen, Daniel Johnson, Wallace Gray, Jacob Rowe, Nelson Jiang, Jiayu(Jerry) Lu, Solomon, Evan Ortiz

Drive Motors 22mm DC Gearmotor with Aluminum Gearbox
Drive Motor Controllers Scorpion Mini ESC
Weapon Motor PROPDRIVE v2 2836 2700KV Brushless Outrunner
Weapon Motor Controllers Platinum PRO V4 - 60A ESC (3S-6S)
Receiver Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Remote Control Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx and Rx V2
Battery (Battery Name)


  • Parts of robot stuck out past the ring, those caught on opponents weapons
  • Standoffs for our flywheels were not made to spec (too short -> too much friction)
  • Weapon drive wheel constraints were not included in the design, so we had interference issues
  • Because of the added friction, weapon spin-up was very finicky
  • Some electrical issues caused weird driving and weapon spin-up behavior
  • Weapon tooth was replaced with a bolt, which was too small to protect the gap between ring and plates

Good aspects

  • Drive was very solid (mechanically)
  • Only the top plate usually got damaged, and was easily repaired


  • Flywheel tensioning system
  • Slot weapon motor mount
  • Account for weapon wheel lock
  • More room for electronics
  • Keep all components within the armor of the ring
  • Use different materials (Delrin/Polycarbonate) to allow for some elastic deformation
  • Steel weapon teeth
  • Machine flywheels and standoffs, and spacers to spec


The spinniest of bois. The most Boi of fidget spinners. The goodest of Bois. The bestest Spinni. The spinniest fidget spinner.

"Spinni-Boi doesn't look very spinni. He looks like a Dorito."-Random Specator

If Spinni-Boi was more spinni; he would've been Dizzi-Boi.

"The fastest fidget spinner I've ever seen."-nobody(but hopefully someone)

Names of original builders: Wallace (Wally) Gray, Jacob Rowe, Darren Kosen, Daniel Johnson, Nelson Jiang, Jiayu(Jerry) Lu, Solomon, Evan Ortiz