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Year of Creation 2020-2021
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2020-2021
Wins/Losses 0/1
Information and Statistics
Weight Class 2lb
Weapon Class Vertical Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 0/1
Weapon Speed approximately 10k RPM

Roombi was originally modeled after the robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba. Roombi is capable of driving if flipped by another bot and holds a weapon that aims to turn over opponents.


2lb Competition 2021

  • Results:
    • Single Elimination:
      • [L vs Humpti]
        • Both bot weapons failed to spin up so the entire fight was purely based off of driver skill and collisions. After the match ended, Humpti was deemed the victor by judges decision.


Roombi V1.0

Created by: (John Bowzard and Madeline Belew)

Drive Motors 22mm DC gearmotor
Drive Motor Controllers Scorpion Mini Electronic Speed Control
Weapon Motor PROPDRIVE v2 2836 3000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
Weapon Motor Controllers HobbyKing Red Brick (2~7S) 70A ESC V2
Receiver Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Remote Control Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx and Rx V2
Battery Turnigy Nano-Tech 1000mAh 3s 45~90c LiPo Pack


  • Original design was lacking structure
  • 3D printed weight varied drastically from CAD predictions (final bot was 3 ounces overweight)
  • Weapon motor mount did not account for belt tension so the motor itself was angled (weapon did not spin up)
  • Standoffs too short so back of the bot touched the ground
  • Did not account for tolerances in puzzle fitting or wheel slots

Good aspects

  • Driving was adequate
  • Wheels were well protected from other bots


  • Make standoffs taller
  • Ensure that weapon motor mount accounts for belt tension
  • Be more efficient in estimating total weight
  • Add tolerances to puzzle fits, wheel slots, and weapon side plate holes


Mentor: Todd Hayes

The surviving members: John Bowzard and Madeline Belew