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Here is the motor!!! http://www.maxonmotorusa.com/files/catalog/2005/pdf/05_076_e.pdf part #: 118729

Accompanying Gearhead: http://www.maxonmotorusa.com/files/catalog/2005/pdf/05_205_e.pdf part #: 110321

This is apparently the motor they were using

"The motor that matched our needs best was the Maxon 6V motor # 11827 (we are planning to overdrive it to 12V) with either a 4.4:1 or 5.4:1 gear head ratio."


That model number doesn't seem to exist, I cant even find it on the maxon site.


Possible Solenoid

Model S-20-100-H:




70 Durometer Sorbothane Statistics (10-26-06)




Apparently, angled dribblers have been BANNED (as of 2003)


Dribbler Rules: (from: [1])

5.6. Ball Movement.

5.6.1. A robot cannot "hold" a ball. Hint: Holding a ball means taking a full control of the ball by removing all of its degrees of freedom. For example, this would mean fixing a ball to the robot's body, surrounding a ball using the robot's body to prevent access by others, encircling the ball or somehow trapping the ball with any part of the robot's body. If a ball stops rolling while a robot is moving ,or a ball does not rebound when rolled into a robot, it is a good indication that the ball is trapped.

5.6.2. The ball cannot be held underneath a robot.

5.6.3. The ball must be visible at all times.

5.6.4. Other players must be able to access the ball.

5.6.5 The only exception to rule 5.6.1 is the use of a rotating drum that imparts dynamic back spin on the ball to keep the ball on its surface. This is called a "dribbler".

5.6.6. A dribbler must comply with Rule 2.7 Ball Capturing Zones; i.e., the ball cannot penetrate under the dribbler for more than 2cm. The 2cm is measured from the contact point of the dribbler on the ball.

Good Dribbler Reference Pages:

1) [2]

Detailed design of Cornell's 2003 Bots. Dribbler and Kicker stuff on pg 35-76.

2) [3]

Summary of the dribbler mechanisms. It's short.

3) [4]

Description of Cornell's 2005 bot. Brief mention of dribbler on pg 2-3.

By: Pat (10-12-06)