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Year Of Creation 2016-2017
Current Version V1.0
Update Year 2017
Wins/Losses 0/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Ring Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 0/2

A ring spinner with 3 flywheels, a direct drive motor with rubber, with an aluminum milled wheel and steel teeth.


Motorama 2017

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(QTI) V1.0

Drive Motors 25d-gearmotor-4.4-9.7
Drive Motor Controllers None Required
Weapon Motor Turnigy 2836 Brushless 450-Size Heli Motor 3700kv
Weapon Motor Controllers Turnigy MultiStar 40A V2 Slim BLHeli Multi-Rotor Brushless OPTO ESC 2-6S
Receiver Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Remote Control Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx and Rx V2
Battery Name Steve (Standard Lipo Battery)
Wheels BaneBots Wheel, 2-7/8" x 0.4", 1/2" Hex Mount, 40A, Black/Orange
Wheel Hubs Hub, Hex, Series 40, Set Screw, 4mm shaft, 1 Wide


  • Not enough grip on weapon motor
  • Fly wheel shafts bent, should have used something stronger than 1/4 in aluminum
  • Too tall - shafts too long
  • Tolerances weren't great
  • Controls and driving were bad

Good aspects

  • It spun whoop whoop


  • Use stiffer rubber on weapon motor
  • Decrease clearance from ground

See also

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Its named QTI because of irony and it's cute am I right?

Built by: Omar Chbaklo, Will Cuthbertson, Beatriz Dias, Wallace Gray, Christina Paris, Anshul Sinha, David Wang, Carrie Wehmeyer