How to Submit a Purchase Order

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Any and all outgoing funds require a purchase order to be entered into the RoboJackets purchasing system for accounting purposes. This document details how to do so. Additional information about purchasing is available on the Purchasing Policy article.

Typical order flow

  1. Open the team or general order tracking spreadsheet. The treasurer will not assign access to team spreadsheets - contact your project manager instead. Elected and appointed officers may be granted access to the general order tracking spreadsheet on request.
  2. Go to the RoboJackets menu and choose "Add Order" to create a new blank purchase order. A new tab will be added to the spreadsheet at the very end. The status will default to Pending - leave it there until your PO is ready to order.
  3. Enter the vendor from which you want to order.
  4. For each part that you want to order, enter the vendor part number and/or a link to the part on the vendor's website, the unit price, and the quantity you want.
  5. For the account and line item fields, go to the overview sheet and find the Funding Source links to open the general ledger for the fiscal year. Locate the account you want to use, then find a line item description that fits what you're ordering.
  6. Once you have entered all required information, follow your team's purchase approval process to have the order marked as Ready.
  7. Your order will be placed with the vendor the following Monday.


If you are requesting a reimbursement for a purchase you have already made, follow the process above, but mark your order as Ordered or Received as appropriate. Submit complete documentation for your purchase to the treasurer.