Purchasing Policy

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Orders requested by any RoboJackets member in good standing will be placed on a regular schedule as announced by the treasurer, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The order is approved by the project manager or a delegate of the project manager.
    • Orders requested by a member acting in a capacity that does not report to a project manager do not require other approvals for orders less than $500. Orders above $500 must be approved by the president.
    • Orders marked as Ready in the tracking spreadsheet will be assumed to be approved as appropriate.
  • The order is entered as a purchase order in the RoboJackets purchasing system before the order deadline announced by the treasurer.
  • The order has valid account and line items assigned to each item and none of the line items are already overdrawn.
  • Part numbers and/or vendor links are included in the purchase order along with precise descriptions and any other information needed to place the order.
  • The budget line item assigned to each PO line item is appropriate as determined by the treasurer.