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RoboJackets email accounts are managed through Google Workspace, and accounts are available on an as-needed basis to project managers, officers, and other team leadership. Submit requests to this Google Form.

About Google Workspace accounts

These accounts are more or less full-fledged Google accounts, with the following important differences:

  • Any and all data associated with the account is wholly owned by RoboJackets, and may be accessed by RoboJackets IT at any time without any notice to you. Do not store personal or sensitive information in your account. You can read more about administrative data access here.
  • Some Google services are not available, including but not limited to YouTube, Google Groups, Google Play and Google Voice. Exceptions may be granted as needed - you may request them in #it-helpdesk.
  • You will not be given a password to the account - instead, your Georgia Tech account will be registered as the owner and you will be able to log in using the Georgia Tech Login Service.
    • No Google service will ever ask you for your GT account credentials. If authentication is needed, you will be redirected to, which will show 'Login requested by:'. (If you're already logged in to your Georgia Tech account, the entire process will happen transparently to you, and you won't be prompted for credentials at any point.)
  • That account will have access to certain Google Workspace-only applications and features, such as Google Meet and Team Drives.

You can learn more about Google Workspace accounts and services at the Google Workspace Learning Center.

Mobile device registration

If you sign into your RoboJackets account on your phone or other device, we require you to register it with us via Google Device Policy. This allows us to remove the account and any associated data from your phone should we deem it necessary.

Service URLs

We've set up the following service URLs. Visiting them will take you to the corresponding Google service in the context of your Google Workspace account instead of your personal account.