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Year of Creation 2014-2015
Current Version 2.0
Update Year 2015-2016
Wins/Losses 0/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Drum Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 0/2


Motorama 2016

Results - Bracket Style:

  • Emmii vs Thunder Child (Video Link)
    • Emmii's drum did not reach low enough to do much damage against Thunder Child's wedge.
    • Loss was due to the judge decision that Thunder Child dominated for more of the match.
    • Showed that Emmii's drum teeth had too much ground clearance and that its drive train was made useless by picking up the back end of the robot.
  • Emmii vs Revenge of Dr. Super Brain (Video Link)
    • Emmii made some good hits, but after being flipped over too many times, one of its drive motors came detached from its gearbox, rendering it immobile.
    • Problem can be fixed by applying lock-tite to the screws that attach the motors to their gearboxes.
    • RoDS won by judge decision.


Created By: Thatcher Freeman, Caeleb Jenkins, and Kelsey Pepper

Drive Motors Pololu 20.4:1 Metal Gearmotor 25D HP
Drive Motor Controllers
Robot Power Scorpion Mini
Weapon Motor

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 2826-920kv Brushless Outrunner

Weapon Motor Controllers Hobbyking 20A Blueseries Brushless Speed Controller
Reciever Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Remote Control Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx and Rx V2
Battery Multistar Racer Series 1400 mAh 3s 40C-80C


  • Wires came out of Scorpion mini speed controller every so often. Make sure the screws are tight before matches.
  • Pololu motor detached from gearbox. Use lock-tite to make sure they're secure.
  • Weapon teeth did not go close enough to the ground.
  • Weapon drum likely too small to deal a lot of damage, though weight was taken out of the drum to allow the armor to be larger.
  • Large nature of armor made it easy for other robots to pick up one of Emmii's edges and stop its wheels from contacting the ground.
  • Weapon ESC did not enable the weapon to spin backwards when upside down.
  • Teeth were slightly loose after some testing, but this was fixed by supergluing the teeth into the drum.
  • Had some issues where there was too much friction between the drum and the frame of the robot, but this was fixed by loosening the bolts holding in the press-fit motor and replacing the bearing.

Good aspects:

  • Armor was essentially unharmed. HDPE can be an effective robot exterior.
  • Plenty of space for wires
  • Wall between electronics and weapon to protect electronics
  • Velcro strap to hold battery to electronics wall was a good idea.
  • Weapon spun up quickly, had no major design issues other than the tooth length and the weapon mass.
  • Using bolts as teeth helped simplify design process and stayed connected.


  • Make armor smaller so the curved portion does not take as much weight. This way, the drum can have more mass.
  • Have less clearance over the ground. Ideally less than an eighth inch.
  • Make sure bolts are lock-tited in.
  • Perhaps use a faster motor.

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