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Year Of Creation 2018-2019
Current Version 1.1
Wins/Losses 2/3
Information and Statistics
Weight Class 3lb
Weapon Class Vertical Bar Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 2/3

Doori is a 3lb. (beetle-weight) vertical bar spinner designed and constructed between the Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019.


Motorama 2019

Robojackets 20th Anniversary Competition

  • Results: 2/3
  • Victory vs. Furi (Drum Spinner)
    • Judge's Decision
      • After a moving dance competition between both robots, the Judges came to the difficult decision that Doori was the victor.
    • Both bots were unable to move their weapons
  • Victory vs. Literally Nothing
    • Doori's second and final victory was against a nonexistent (disqualified) competitor
    • "It was the best performance, by far, on Doori's part" -Splenda
  • Loss vs. Groovi (Drum Spinner)
    • Judge's Decision


Doori 1.0


Drive Motors DYS BE1806 2300KV Motors
Drive Motor Gearboxes KITBOTS 1000rpm Gearmotor Gearboxes
Drive Motor Controllers DYS 20A Micro Opto Multi-rotor ESC
Weapon Motor Turnigy 2836 Brushless EDF Motor 3200kv
Weapon Motor Controllers TURNIGY Plush 40amp Speed Controller w/5A BEC
Receiver Turnigy T6A-V2 AFHDS 2.4GHz 6Ch Receiver V2
Remote Control Turnigy T6A-V2 AFHDS 2.4GHz 6Ch Transmitter V2
Battery Turnigy Nano-Tech 1000mAh 3s 45~90c LiPo Pack


  • Not invertible. (Could not flip itself over.)
  • Skids got caught in the rough ground and the damaged arena floor.
  • Ramp extended beyond the range of the weapon and prevented opponents from making contact with the weapon.
  • 1/4" HDPE plastic armor did not work as intended. Instead of deflecting hits, chunks were taken out of the armor.
  • Wheels and weapon belt were exposed.
  • Had trouble with the tension of the weapon belt.
  • Hobbyking weapon ESC did not work. Turnigy ESC worked.
  • Because all the weight was concentrated in the center, It was very difficult to maneuver.

Good aspects

  • Armor was lightweight and reliable (for at least 30 seconds of uptime). Easy to replace.

Anticipated Changes/Improvements

  • Skids need to glide on potentially rough surfaces.
  • Invertibility - taller wheels, shorter chassis, skids on top.
  • Front plastic should only be used as armor.

Doori 1.1 - 20th Competition Version


  • Bearing was added to one side of the Hub to better support the weapon assembly
  • Weapon Mounts were updated to include skids in the actual structure
  • An old ramp was attached upside down on the top to help prevent a total flipping
  • Sandpaper was glued to the outside of the wheels to promote better traction (Thanks Thomas)
  • Ramps were kept but were shortened to prevent contact with the floor


  • After fixes to the drive system, it was made evident that the weight distribution of Doori made it very difficult to maneuver the bot
  • The new design for the skids caused a rocking motion when the robot was suddenly stopped

Good Aspects

  • The addition of sandpaper to the wheels improved the maneuverability of Doori (Thanks Thomas)
  • The addition of the upside down ramp on top appeared to help prevent flips. However, Doori did not suffer any massive hits during its second competition, so it is difficult to say if the upside down ramp totally prevented flips.
  • After shortening the ramps, the ramps no longer got caught in the field


Future Plans for Team Doori

  • Because Doori's core design was so poor, there are currently no plans for a second version (Doorii)
  • " :((((((((((((((((((((((((( " -Splenda


Recommendations for Future Members

  • The design behind Doori is inherently flawed and can't be improved upon without major changes to the design of the Robot.
  • Team Doori does not recommend using Doori as a starting template for a vertical bar spinner. (Please start from scratch).
  • One major benefit to Doori was that it proved plastic armor is a viable option for absorbing some hits.
    • Team Doori advises vertical bar spinners to consider where their weight is concentrated. Because the weight of plastic is so light, teams may be tempted to let the weight concentrate towards the center which, like Doori's case, could make steering very difficult.
  • The addition of sandpaper to the wheels helped bring Doori's steering under control (Thanks Thomas). Team Doori recommends other teams try this if their weight distribution makes steering difficult

Name origin

  • Doori was intended to be a 'door'stop with a weapon
  • Door + i = Doori
  • Contrary to popular belief, Doori's name did not draw inspiration from an aquatic Disney character. (Pls no Lawsuit)

Names of original builders

  • Reilly Lennon - Mentor
  • Seungju Jason Lee
  • Bailey (Splenda) Painter
  • Emaad (LeBron James) Shamsi
  • Ryota Tsutsumi
  • Sam Winegardner

Additional Contributors

  • Thomas Jackson (Thanks Thomas) - Not our mentor, but also basically our mentor. Really helped team Doori through it's darkest moments with some solid ideas (Thanks Thomas).

Trivia/Inside Jokes

  • "What bananas? And why are you so tired of them?" -Splenda
  • The concept of a "Taco Shell" was originally created by a former team, Esci, but was def popularized by team Doori
  • This page was made with artificially sweet love by Splenda <3 (and Ryota too, I guess)