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Year Of Creation 2018-2019
Current Version 1.0
Wins/Losses 1/2
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Horizontal Bar Spinner
Combined Wins/Losses 1/5

Daddi is a horizontal bar spinner with ABSOLUTELY nothing in common with Chewii. The chassis is made up of a single top and bottom plate as well as three aluminum side plates. The front plate that protected the contents of our bot from our opponents (and ourselves) was made up of a plastic tab that fit in with slits. The weapon is currently a steel 'infinity' design, but was at one point a single-headed hammer with a dense counterweight. We had a ton of mentors throughout the manufacturing phase, but Rahul was the OG.


Motorama 2019

  • Results: 1/2
    • Bracket Style: Double Elimination
      • Loss vs Nitro Hornet
        • We got propped against the corner and drive had issues getting us out of that situation. Weapon subsystem worked optimally.
      • Win vs Unnamed Undercutter
        • This win was a battle of attrition. We started with a functioning weapon but only one functioning wheel. The opponent started with no weapon and a weak drive. We got a judges victory because we were able to hobble over and smack them up a bit.
      • Loss vs Deadite
        • We both got some good hits in, but it was ultimately down to losing a wheel and not being able to spin up the one wheel we did have.

20th Anniversary

  • Changes:
    • New side armor. Now side tacos
    • Tried locktite on the gearbox/motor interaction (Fail)
    • Changed from a 50A ESC to a 40A one. This was due to the fact the the weapon ESC was not performing correctly the night before competition. The lower ampage did not fix the issue but had the interesting effect that we could not push the weapon control to full tilt
    • Faced the top and bottom plate for additional chassis space
    • Drilled new holes for the new armor but those weren't used because we screwed up the drawing for where the holes were place and how large the plastic was supposed to be.
    • Replaced the screw in the switch because the precious one was stripped
  • Results: 0/3
    • Round Robin
      • Lnk later when on YT - Oreo
        • Only one wheel functioned at the beginning. Weapon was finally fixed though (Had to replace the ESC - Went from 50A --> 40A which limited the range of RPM). BIG WIN (not officially) We hit their weapon so hard that it imploded their weapon motor effectively eliminating them from the competition. This resulted in a win by default for another RJ team
      • Lnk later - Crispi
        • No contest. We couldn't drive at all so there was no combat
      • Lnk later - Dynastoclast ~
        • Cannibalized the drive from Waki Smaki (Rest in peace) which allowed to actually move and compete. The opponent beat us by ripping one wheel off and the side armor for the other wheel armor was bent into a position that blocked the drive. One drive motor also went out



Created by: Paul Matesevac, Nikolay Tranakiev, Keaton Sadoski, Preston Alsup, Cole Carrow, Emily Endozo, Erik Heitshusen

Drive Motors DYS BE1806 2300KV Motors
Drive Motor Gearboxes KITBOTS 1000rpm Gearmotor Gearboxes
Drive Motor Controllers DYS 20A Micro Opto Multi-rotor ESC
Weapon Motor PROPDRIVE v2 2836 2300KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
Weapon Motor Controllers HobbyKing 50A ESC 4A UBEC
Receiver Turnigy T6A-V2 AFHDS 2.4GHz 6Ch Receiver V2
Remote Control Turnigy T6A-V2 AFHDS 2.4GHz 6Ch Transmitter V2
Battery Turnigy Nano-Tech 1000mAh 3s 45~90c LiPo Pack


  • Drive motors would cut out randomly and both never worked at the same time
  • There was not enough room for the wires to be neatly organized and they sometimes caused the drive motors to stall
  • The belt would pull horizontally on the weapon causing it to dig into the bottom plate when not tightened completely
  • Side armor was ripped off too easily and provided little protection
  • Side armor was too high off the ground. Specifically, drum spinners were able to gain purchase on the armor and rip it off
  • Robot got stuck in corner of arena at one point and could not push itself off with the weapon
  • Weapon motor became overloaded and started smoking

Good aspects

  • Weapon had a relatively long range and powerful hit
  • Structure was resilient to hits
  • When the drive did work, we could rotate quickly enough to prevent attacks to our side plates


  • Change the chassis dimensions to accommodate more interior room for electronics
  • Secure all fasteners related to drive motors to guarantee consistent performance
  • Note to all future Daddi derivatives You will need more space inside the bot. Hands-down no questions. Not a lot of space but we struggled getting everything in the bot without wrapping wires around our weapon motor
  • You should also find a way to brace the drive system from hits. Those will knock loose the internals and leave you disabled


This bot's name is Daddi, not Dadi. Don't let anyone tell you different

The name came from the ultimate Daddy, our original mentor Rahul Balamurali

Paul Matesevac, Nikolay Tranakiev, Keaton Sadoski, Preston Alsup, Cole Carrow, Emily Endozo