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Year of Creation 2020-2021
Current Version 1.0
Update Year 2020-2021
Wins/Losses 0/1
Information and Statistics
Weight Class 2lb
Weapon Class Beater Bar
Combined Wins/Losses 0/1
Weapon Speed ~21,000 rpm

Varsiti was designed out of a deep and uncompromising passion for sheer weapon size. As a result, the frame was rather thin to save on weight so more of it could go towards the metal of the beater bar, until ultimately the weapon accounted for over a third of the bot's total weight. Although the invertible drive system functioned and was well contained in HDPE sheeting, the bot didn't achieve the traction it needed in the drive wheels because the center of mass was too far forward. Handling ended up being the bot's fatal flaw, but nobody could deny that the weapon was very, very large.


2lb Competition 2021

  • Results:
    • Single Elimination:
      • [L vs Largetoni]
        • As a result of poor traction in the drive wheels, Varsiti was unable to approach Largetoni to deliver a blow when opportunities emerged early in the round. After a couple glancing blows from each, Largetoni flipped Varsiti, which caused the thin bottom plate to break, resulting in the bot's weapon pulley unseating from a change in the frame's dimensions.
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Varsiti V1.0

Created by: Luke Dague, Colby Duke, Nikhil Murali, Phil Realina, Ben Rochford

Drive Motors 22mm DC gearmotor
Drive Motor Controllers Scorpion Mini Electronic Speed Control
Weapon Motor PROPDRIVE v2 2836 3000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
Weapon Motor Controllers HobbyKing Red Brick (2~7S) 70A ESC V2
Receiver Hobby King 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2
Remote Control Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx and Rx V2
Battery Turnigy Nano-Tech 1000mAh 3s 45~90c LiPo Pack


  • Weapon was extremely unbalanced, couldn't spin up to full speed without major bad vibes
  • Center of Gravity was too far forward, so there was little to no traction on the drive wheels
  • Loose mounting of electronics (didn't cause any major issues with handling and had little risk of wires being damaged, though)

Good aspects

  • Looks Good (even when demolished)
  • Big Boy Weapon™
  • Weapon Spins (extremely unbalanced though)
  • Easy access and good protection of the wheels with HDPE side plates
  • Good electronics isolation (wires kept away from moving parts using dividers
  • Ability to easily hot swap weapons and weapon support plates (the part at the front with the nylon transfer bearings and the V cutout)
  • Lots of space for electronics and wiring
  • REALLY Big Boy Weapon™


  • More ground clearance
  • Move Center of Gravity to center for better steering (New beefed up weapon moved CG really far forward, away from drive wheels)
  • Better mounting of components
  • Beef up chassis (thicker walls, more cross bracing, thicker side HDPE protection)


My other ride is Paul's Tesla

Looking for sponsorship from Varsity

Fun Fact: Paul works for Tesla (very spicy)

Team: Luke Dague, Colby Duke, Paul Matesevac (Mentor), Nikhil Murali, Phil Realina, Ben Rochford