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This page has information on various equipment in the shop, including the office area and electrical room.


The RoboJackets are containes a large amount of tooling and equipment used only by the team. It is our responsability to keep this tooling organized, clean and functional.

The list of tooling contained in the Mechanical Room can be located: Equipment List


Cleaning must be performed after using any tooling - the space surrounding the machinist should be "cleaner than before machining". This rule applies to both the RoboJackets area, as well as the Common Machining area shared by the SCC teams. Keeping everything clean is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but also safety and therefore applies to all members.

Even though all members are supposed to clean after themselves, dust, waste and misplaced tools accumulate. In order to keep the cleaning bearable, RoboJackets has a mandatory cleaning scheduled bi-weekly, with one of the team responsible. The schedule for this is determined at the beginning of the semester, with competitions for team in mind..

Cleaning Checklist

Disposing of Items

Surplus is the act of disposing of extra items that belong to the team.

Surplus Process


Batteries are to be recycles in a specific manner through the EHS department of GT. To initiate this process email our contact to schedule a time.


Ed Pozniak for battery disposal


Outlet breakers