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What is Surplus

Surplus are extra items that the organization does not need anymore and wishes get rid of. As a GT organization, RoboJackets does not have the right to sell any items of value (any equipment, computers, etc.). A bit more on this can be found here.

Surplus Procedure

Sending Item to Surplus
  1. Identify items to be removed.
  2. Fill out the form located on GT Surplus website.
  3. Put the items in a reachable location (not the mezzanine) so that they are easy to identify.
  4. Contact the Property Coordinator of RoboJackets with the form attached.
Acquiring Items from Surplus
  1. Contact the Proprty Coordinator. Include Information (just do Jason):
    1. When you prefer to make the trip to surplus.
    2. What items you are interested in.

Contact Information

Property Coordinator

Cary Ogletree:

  • T: 404.385.8612
    F: 404.894.8336

Georgia Tech Surplus Warehouse

Property Control & Logistics Department

711 Marietta Street

Atlanta, Ga

Phone: 404-894-5013 Fax: 404-894-4608