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This page is for 2008 RoboCup Travel Information for both events. Costs are per person and for members. For team costs see 2008 RoboCup Travel Logistics.

2008 US Open

Location - Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Date - May 23 to May 26
Info - Event Website, Venue Website

Travel Plan

Method - Car
Depart - 5/24/2008
Return - 5/27/2008
Detailed 2008 US Open Travel Information

2008 World Championships

Location - Suzhou International Expo Center, Suzhou, China
Date - July 14 to July 20
Info - Event Website

Travel Plan

Depart - 7/11/2008 @7:45am (Meet at the Tin at 5:00am, leave 5:30am at the latest)
Return - 7/24/2008 @9:55pm
Detailed itinerary is on TripIt. If you need an itinerary and did not get an e-mail to view the TripIt itinerary let Phillip know.


Registration - $300.00 (covered by SGA registration funds)
Plane Ticket - $1600.00 (est) (covered by MFG.com)
Passport - $118.00* (with photo)
Visa - $250.00*
Medical - ?* (Depends on health insurance)
Shanghai (Night of the 12th) -*
Suzhou (13th-21st) $58.35/night x8 = $155.00* (as of 5/21/08)
Shanghai (21st-24th) -*
Total -*
Total out of pocket cost per member -*

Note - *Denotes must be payed on your own no matter what funding is raised.

China Travel Info


  • To obtain a new passport
  • Get an application from the US Dept of State (form DS-11)
  • Bring a photo ID, completed application, official birth certificate with embossed seal and payment of $112 to a US post office
  • Passports may take up to 5 months to process, so if you want to go and need one - DO IT NOW
  • US Department of State
  • US-Chinese Embassy


  • A visa is a document granting entrance into a country, without one, you face fines and deportation
  • Visa will also need to be issued and taken care of once passports are issued
  • Visas should be obtained through the local RoboCup organization but if not, obtained via Chinese Embassies in the US
  • A travel agency in Atlanta can provide us Visas, with around 5 business days of processing
  • Necessary items: valid passport, visa application (done at office),copy of itenerary, business letter from RC, business invitation from RC, and a $100 fee
  • Passports and Visas, Etc.

Health and Safety

  • Members traveling overseas should contact their health insurance provider to check coverage overseas.
  • Cancellation fees and penalties should be discussed with airline and hotel.
  • US citizens traveling abroad encouraged to register with the US State Dept. - gives travelers better assistance and if necessary, evacuation
  • Members should call their health providers in regards to necessary immunizations and vacinnes several weeks before trip
  • Some necessary and highly suggested immunizations - Influenza, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Malaria
  • Georgia Tech Health Services is capable of giving all immunizations and all medications
  • Immunizations need to happen around 6 weeks before the competition
  • Registration with US Embassies in China
  • China Specific Information
  • Health information from CDC for China