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The US Open is the only official US RoboCup competition, and will be the RoboJackets first opportunity to compete with our systems in a real match. In the small-size league we will be competing against CUM, MIT, and possibly the EagleKnights. Other teams from other leagues will also be in attendance. As many team members as possible are encouraged to go. If you are planning on making it out and have a camera we'd very much like for you to post pictures and videos to the RoboJackets groups on Flikr and youtube.



We will be traveling by car to Pittsburgh. The trip is roughly 680 miles one-way making for a 9-10 hour trip including at least 2 stops for gas. The current plan is to take volunteers to drive from those who are going. If you want to drive please indicate your wishes by either e-mailing Phillip (phillip.marks@gatech.edu). Gas cost will be split evenly amongst the riders in each car so be sure to bring cash for the trip.
List of drivers, who is riding with them, and what equipment they will carry

  • Phillip Marks - 4 door Nissan Maxima (seats 3 comfortably)
    • Rider 1
    • Rider 2
    • Rider 3
    • Equipment
      • Item 1
  • Roman
  • Stefan

-Note: Scott, and John will be coming by car from their homes in Ohio, and Texas respectively



Room Assignments


If you have suggestions for the itinerary please let us know.

May 23

  • Travel to Pittsburgh (The actual time of departure is dependent on when participants get out of class)
  • Arrive in Pittsburgh. Check into hotel. No official diner plans.

May 24

  • ?am - Meet for breakfast, go over days events
  • ?am - Arrive at Science Center. Check-in to competition and set-up.
  • ?pm - Dinner (dependent on when venue closes, if it closes)

May 25

  • ?am - Meet for breakfast, go over days events
  • ?am - First day of competition
  • ?pm - Dinner (again dependent on when venue closes)

May 26

  • ?am - Meet for breakfast, go over days events
  • ?am - Second day of competition
  • ?pm - Dinner (again dependent on when venue closes)

May 27

  • ?am - Meet for breakfast, go over days events
  • ?am - Finals
  • ?pm - Return to Atlanta

Pittsburgh Information


While the South swelters in May many Northern and Midwestern cities like Pittsburgh are still experiencing spring-like temps. Be prepared for temps to possibly dip into the mid to lower 50s. It has been the experience of author of this page lows in the lower 50s are possible even in early July.

What to do in the Pitt

Pittsburgh has many attractions but our schedule may not allow visits to some or any. Below is a list of some of the places the author has visited.

  • Kennywood Park - Old school amusement park. Lots of good coasters
  • The Strip Distict - Seedy bar district
  • The O - Pittsburgh's version of the Varsity. You have to order the fries.
  • Station Square - Some kind of old rail station, a nicer version of Underground
  • Science Center - I know we will actually be there, but its pretty nice
  • Movieplex - There was a Lowes Mega-plex across the river in Homestead back in 2001. Not sure if its still there. Just about the closets mega-plex to the city

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