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The RoboJackets President is an all-encompassing role that manages, represents, and supervises the organization as a whole. This person is often future seeking with a vision towards what RoboJackets can and should be in the long term.

Ex Officio Duties

The RoboJackets Constitution states that “The President will have general supervision of the affairs of the RoboJackets and will preside at meetings. The President will approve projects for the organization to be involved in, actively seek projects for the organization, and act as a liaison for companies that wish to support the club.”

As this is a very large and substantial organization, it is necessary to split time among various teams and meetings to ensure the President has a read on the pulse of the organization without being overwhelmed. It is also ideal to actively monitor slack in all channels to identify and quickly help resolve or prevent issues as they appear. Slack keywords are helpful for easing the difficulty of monitoring these channels.

Project Manager of the Core Officers and Appointed Positions

The President should ensure that all roles within Core leadership are in a place to succeed and are progressing with their goals for the year.

Within Core Officers, this means ensuring the team is on the same page with a direction for the year, likely through Core Officer proposals and Core Officer Meetings. The Core Officer team should be working together as a team with their group vision rather than leaving everyone to pursue their own potentially conflicting vision. The President should be following the officer team's tasks on ClickUp to ensure that work is being accomplished.

Within Appointed Positions, this largely means meeting or discussing with the position holders and ensuring they have a plan and direction for the full year. From there, general monitoring will occur to ensure that everything is on pace.

Oversee Finances

The President is responsible for overseeing the organization's finances along with the Treasurer and should work to ensure we are financially stable and supported.

Additional Duties as Necessary

The President is largely a catch-all role. Many things will come up throughout the year, and it is the President's job to understand and work to resolve each situation that may appear. The President should always be available and on-call for the organization. These duties have a wide range of scope, so the President should be ready to employ different resources and communicate with the right people to solve whatever comes up.

De Facto Duties

Core Meetings

The President is in charge of leading the bi-weekly organizational Core meetings. The President should ensure leaders fill out their designated sections ideally by midnight the night before Core. The President should try to guide the discussions that arise to a consensus while ensuring that all interested members have the chance to speak.

FRC Kickoff Speaker

Every year, RoboJackets hosts the Georgia FRC Kickoff on Georgia Tech's campus. The President must give a roughly five minute speech to all of the students both providing advice for their upcoming year and sharing what RoboJackets is through the hype video.

Appointing Positions

The President is in charge of filling all RoboJackets Appointed Positions. This includes ensuring interested members of the organization are aware of the roles and what they do and sending out the interest form. It may take extra effort to talk to members and fill each role as not every role is expected to be filled after only sending the interest form. All appointed positions can be found here:

Leadership Retreat

At the yearly Leadership Retreat, the President is in charge of planning and leading the group discussions. These discussions help the leaders meet and get to know each other, as well as, help us discuss potential changes for the future of the organization.

Organization Representative

The President represents RoboJackets and is the main point of contact for nearly all external organizations, companies, and people and acts as the liaison for these groups. Examples are shown below:


Along with the SCC Relations Lead, the President represents RoboJackets within the SCCGB and the SCC as a whole. The President should be in the SCC Slack Workspace and the SCCGB channel and should make en effort to get to know the SCCGB Officers and the other SCC Leaders.

CoC Student Orgs Council

The CoC Student Orgs Council holds a monthly meeting for all College of Computing organizations. The President should both attend these meetings and be able to discuss the state of the team. Other Core members should be invited within the channel to join this meeting and get involved. We also need to provide attendance data to the CoC, but that process has been automated.

General Interest

The President is the opening speaker at General Interest, our largest recruiting event. The job of this opening section is to get the room excited to hear about the teams and to provide broad context for what the organization is, what is gained from being part of the organization, and how important the RoboJackets family is.


The President is the main point of contact for IRIM Volunteering and Special Events.


Along with the Sponsorship Chair, the President is a key point of contact for both the development office and interested Sponsors.


The President represents the organization within SGA and should make an effort to meet and communicate with key contacts on the SGA Leadership Team. At the SGA Budget review, the President and Treasurer present to both the GSS and the UHR. The President also presents any Bill Proposals. and gives context for our organization for this review.

Miscellaneous External

There are many other events that RoboJackets takes part in that cannot be easily categorized. This includes Tours, Community Events and Outreach, and any other group that may reach out to RoboJackets. The President should be active on Hubspot to keep contact with these external groups.