Motorama 2020

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Motorama 2020
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Competition Summary

NERC Robot Conflict at Motorama comprises of a Double-Loss Bracket Style tournament (A bot must lose two fights to be eliminated). Motorama hosts a variety of weight classes, including three and twelve pound robots, which competed at Motorama this year for RoboJackets.


All new three pound robots were able to pass inspection and fully compete at Motorama this year! Overall, the seven new three pound robots won 7 out of 21 matches fighting hard and til the end in every single match! The other two returning three pounders, Wakii-Smackii and Chewiii, came out of the competition as a collect 0-4 total.


Video of the matches will be posted on the RoboJackets YouTube page.

BattleBots taken by the RoboJackets